Baxter likes Fabric

My bun, Baxter likes fabric almost as much as I do…

Sorry for the utter lack of blog posts this week… It’s now Wednesday and all I have to show for my work is a piece of fabric I was pressing, on my ironing board.  My evenings just seem to be getting shorter and shorter.  Do you guys have the same issue?

I have at least 5 different pieces (2 blouses, 2 skirts, and 1 sweater) nearly complete, they just need their respective finishing touches: hemming (which I loathe), hand stitching work, etc.  So I thought I’d pull a Gertie and show you my fuzzy friend, Baxter in my effort to tide you guys over until I have some pictures of the final project.

I love my bunny!  Baxter is so inquisitive, any new fixture to the apartment or any re-arrangement to our furniture and she’ll be right there to check out and assess the changes.

This last shot came out a bit dark since I took it sans flash to avoid the bunny-red-eye.  Baxter always gives me this sideways glance.  She’s so sassy; I love it! 

Can you tell she just ate dinner?  Check out her tinted-green paws and double-chin-fluff.  heh

Okay… I’m done now.  For fun, do you guys have any furry (or non-furry) friends that you’ve blogged about?  If so feel free to share some links of pics and links in the comments today. 


P.S.  Yes, she’s as soft and fuzzy as she looks!  :)

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