Free Classic Golfer Cardigan: Stitchcraft April 1952

As promised,  this week’s free vintage pattern is the classic golfer cardigan that was on the cover of the April 1952 Stitchcraft magazine that was featured along with the multitude of glove patterns from last week.

This classic cardigan is finished with 1″ of contrasting petersham ribbon to reinforce the button bands:

Click on the following link to download the free pdf pattern: Classic Golfer Cardigan

This cardigan is knitted using sock-weight (fingering weight) yarn and comes in two sizes: 34″-35″ bust and 36″-37″ bust.  One of the details that turns this basic cardigan into a ‘golfer’ cardigan is an extra detail at the shoulders which can only be seen in the B&W image below:

To achieve this look, there is one row of purl stitches and then the rest of the shoulder is worked using a garter-stitch (knit every row).  But if you didn’t want to do that, you would just continue to work the shoulder in stockinette (knit the right side, purl the wrong side).

I personally think this cardigan is a bit plain, but that’s also is what makes it so perfect for adding on your own embellishment.  Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to try your hand at some embroidery?  Or perhaps try out some rouleaux or surface cording?  I do realize that after knitting up an entire cardigan you may be too pooped to add on more embellishment, so you could always affix your favorite broach on it until you get your mojo back to finish it off with some extra special embellishment.  :)

I decided to do a quick google search and found the cutest blog: doecdoe that has tons of free embroidery patterns (vintage and new).

Here’s my favorite pattern that I found on doecdoe (so far):

Wouldn’t these little birds be so adorable on either side of the button band?!  Ooooh and the ribbons the birdies are holding could be sewn on with some organza ribbons or with matching petersham ribbon used for the button band for more loveliness.  The possibilities are endless!

Okay, I’m calming down now…

If you’re looking around for some cute (& free) embroidery patterns be sure to check out doecdoe’s site.

As always, feel free to post up a comment if there’s a particular type of pattern you’d like me to share next.  Crochet, Fair Isle, Children’s or Menswear, etc.  I seem to have it all in my Stitchcraft mags.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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