Free Gloves Pattern: Stitchcraft April 1952

Hey peeps!  While the weather isn’t cold enough for gloves yet, I figured it’s always better to have these patterns early so that you’d have plenty of time to knit a pair up in time for the late fall/winter.

Luckily, these glove patterns were featured on the cover of this stitchcraft edition so you can see the lovely color details on them:

And here’s the black & white version so you can see some of the stitch details:

Aren’t these so cute?!  But I’m not certain why they would feature gloves in April…

Each of these gloves are separate patterns in which one is a crocheted glove; which means there are 4 glove patterns for you today: 3 knitted gloves and 1 crocheted glove.

Use the following link to download this pattern as pdf: Stitchcraft April 1952_Four Glove Patterns

I think my favorite are either the black gloves with the lines of beading going down the length of them or the turquoise pair with all of the colorful dots in the center….okay now I’m re-looking at the color copy and I’m loving the yellow ones too.  heh

While I’m happy the weather is getting a bit cooler since it’s psyching me up to sew up my fall wardrobe, I’m not 100% certain I want to think about needing to wear gloves yet.  But one thing that’s great about the winter is being all cozy in sweaters, cowls, and blankets while sitting in front of a fire (aka radiator).  Don’t you agree?  :)

Have a splendid weekend you guys!

P.S.  Next week I’ll be posting the navy cardigan that’s on the cover of this magazine, since it’s such a teaser showing it on the cover with the gloves.

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