May Giveaway Day: News

Guess who’s partner scored his dream job?!

If you’ve been following the drama with my May Giveaway Day: Prom Dress Giveaway, you’d be correct if you’ve guessed Clare, the giveaway winner. 

Clare emailed me on Friday telling me the good news.  She’s so eloquent with her writing (which is natural since she’s a writer and has her MA in creative literature), so I thought I’d share part of her email with you guys.

Well … what an eventful past 24 hours … You will not believe this. I don’t quite believe this. At 6pm today he had a call from the architects and they offered him the job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, I can’t believe it! He’s starting Tuesday and it’s 3 minutes walk from our home. He and I have just spent the evening suddenly squealing or giggling and hugging – it’s crazy!

Thank you again for your kindness in terms of the giveaway, but also for your kind words – it’s crazy, but I kind of feel like the dress was a good luck charm, or that making a positive action towards that celebration meal has made it happen, a bit like when people visualise things happening, if that makes sense? I still can’t quite believe it, though. I’ve had such an amazing week: I got a part-time job in a shop I like on Tuesday, I won your giveaway yesterday and then today Russ got the job. They say good things come in threes!!!!! He said earlier, in fact, that it’s like nothing has really happened for ages, neither of us have made progress in our careers, no great events and so on, and now we’ve suddenly had all these things happen at once. – it’s a bit overwhelming that all these things are happening at once!

Clare went on to say that she also finished her dissertation, as part of a program that would qualify her to teach creative writing, English literature, as well as teaching an adult literacy program.  Color me impressed!

I can’t believe such a huge windfall of goodness has happened to Clarein one week.  I’m so happy my dress is going to her, to help her celebrate all of this good news, which I’m sure has come as a result of a lot of hard work and perseverance. 

So if you would all indulge me, please give Clare and her long-term bf a congratulatory “hip hip hooray” as you read this. 

Thanks, you guys rock!  :)

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