Stitchcraft Magazine: June 1957

I only recently came across the Vintage Stitchcraft magazine on etsy and I’m officially in love.

It only makes sense that there were knitting magazines back in the day, just like there are today.  But for some reason I just never put 2 and 2 together until I saw some pop up in my etsy search of “1950s patterns”.

I bought it from sewmuchfrippery who lives in the UK, and it took lots of patience waiting for it to arrive; I think I literally squealed when I saw it sitting in my mailbox.

What pushed me over the edge on this particular issue was this pattern:

After purchasing this booklet, I went to my local yarn store to buy the yarn for this pattern that very same evening. heh

This is the color of yarn I picked up for the body of the jumper:

And I’ll also use white for the contrast neckline, just like it’s shown with.

So you can be almost certain that I’ll be working on this little pretty once I’m done with my briar rose jumper.

Speaking of my Briar Rose jumper, I finished the 3.5″ of ribbing yesterday and am moving on to the actual body now.

I’m working it in the round, instead of knitting it flat, since I’m much faster with my knit stitches than I am with my purls.  I cast on to have a bottom edge of 28″ with around 1″ negative ease to 0″ ease, so it will be form fitting, but not as much as my Caledonia jumper (at the waist at least).

Getting back to Stitchcraft… There are also some other very lovely patterns in here that I thought I’d share with you guys.

This one is probably my second favorite pattern in this issue.

Wouldn’t this be cute for summer?!  I can also see it in a lighter shade of pink, and then having darker pink and white stripes at the yolk.

Apparently stripes were a big thing this year, because this little top has them also.

I love the random guy in the background with the boat.  So cute, he’s just “eying” her.  The buttons are a wonderful little detail on this top.  I’d be curious to know what the original color combination shown on this one was.  It’s funny that the boat-neck top is featured with actual boats.  Gotta love the 50’s stylists.

Doesn’t this chic lady remind you of someone?

She totally reminds me of Kathleen Frances of Grosgrain.  Do you see it or is it just me?

This little cardi is cute, just like everything else.  I think it would look adorable in the fall with a long pencil skirt and some cute heels.

While I don’t particularly care for this pattern; the collar is a bit much for me.  I just think this model is absolutely gorgeous.  She’s so glamorous.  Don’t you agree?!

I’m definitely on the prowl for more of these vintage knitting patterns.  I wish my local library had them…  I’ll just have to keep looking on etsy and ebay for them to pop up.  But if anyone knows of an insider-vintage magazine-black market dealer…. hint hint….wink wink….

I’ll have to look into the legality issues of posting up the actual knitting patterns.  I’m not sure what the copyright laws are with this kind of stuff.  But do let me know in the comments section if you have a favorite pattern you would like me to (potentially) share with you guys.

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