CSPC preview: Spring Bouquet skirt and Alexander Blouse

I have officially completed my first and last sewing projects for the CSPC.  hip hip

This is the first project I started working on for CSPC (Colette’s Spring Palette Challenge), but it’s actually the last (sewing) project that I finished.

Here’s just a sneak peak in all of it’s springy-ness.

I’m just showing a peek since I haven’t taken photos of me in it yet.  I’m hoping the weather will be warm over the weekend for me to wear this out for some outside shots.  But honestly, I think the inside is the prettiest.  :)

I’ve had this skirt sewn up for at least 4 weeks now, but I’ve neglected to sew the hem.  I managed to hand stitch the waistband down, but when it comes to hemming (by hand or by machine) I just really don’t like doing it and I put it off for as long as possible.  I usually have projects just sitting around, completely sewn up, except for the hem.  (I’m really bad like that…)

As you may recall, I’m knitting a Vintage 40’s jumper called Caledonia which is the last thing I hope to get done by the end of the week, and I’m planning on pairing it with this Spring Bouquet skirt.  The jumper should end about 1-2 inches below my actual waist, which will be perfect with this high-waisted skirt.

The other project I managed to finish is my Alexander blouse.  I began this top about 6 months ago and picked it up over the weekend.  After looking at it, I decided I could do better, and started over from scratch.  Silly, I know.  But I never would have been happy with it knowing I could have done better.

So here’s a sneek peek of my hot pink (silk) Alexander blouse (via Burda).

While it looks all pretty, laying on the table, this image really doesn’t do it justice.  It looks much better on.

The last project I have for the challenge is the Macaron Redux dress.  But I don’t want to rush that one, so it will be done little by little over the next few weeks.

And I would like to officially appologize for the blog silence.  I’ve been in a mad rush trying to get these last few projects done, I’ve had little time for anything else.  So thanks for bearing with me.

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