Colette Spring Palette Challenge: In Retrospect

Hey peeps.  I know I’ve posted up each item I made for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge on my blog, but I wanted to put it all together in one place, just like I did for my initially inspiration board.

Here was my initial sewing inspiration board, which does include some of the articles I wanted to finish for the challenge (2nd and 3rd rows) along with just some fun pieces I loved (the top row):

I had so much fun picking out all of the garments I love to incorporate into my board, but it was pretty tough to try and narrow it down.  I have so many more pictures I wish I could include, that had to get cut.

Of the pieces in my inspiration board, I only completed 2 pieces: the Alexander Blouse and the Bouquet Jenny Skirt and had 2 items I had to put on hold due to the time constraints: Macaron Redux dress and the little yellow top in the second row, on the far right.  I got muslins done on each of these projects so it should be easy for me to pick them up again when the time comes.  On the plus side, I also got two additional pieces done that really weren’t reflected on my board: my Caledonia jumper and my Stormy Skies dress.

Having the palette has really helped me to create separates that I can all wear interchangeably. And its re-inspired me to keep planning for the months to come.

Honestly, ladies, I was a frantic sewing machine in the evenings after work for the full ten weeks this challenge took place.  Felix, my hubby, was such a trooper; he cooked all of our meals, did the housekeeping/cleaning, did most of the grocery runs, and even aided in all of my hemming.  He’s truly a partner in our marriage, and I count myself lucky he’s so supportive of me and my craftiness. *Swoon*

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