A New Look for Zilredloh

I’m happy to report that you are now looking at the fresh face of my blog, zilredloh.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging and chatting with you all for 6 – going on 7 – years.  How the time has flown since I first started writing about my sewing and knitting adventures.


My new site has all of the same content as before as well as some new features.  There’s a different About Me as well as an FAQ section which I will be adding to as I get more questions.

Perhaps one of the best updates to my site is that zilredloh is now mobile friendly!  So queue up your phones and tablets and take a gander.  :)


In the coming days & weeks, as a celebration of my newly relaunched site, I’m going to be hosting some giveaways which I haven’t done in years.  I think its the perfect way to celebrate readers and connect up with folks I love.  Hopefully there will be something for everyone – so stay tuned.

Since this site has gone live not 8 hours ago, I would please ask you bear with any technical difficulty that may or may not occur.  I will continue to work out *bugs* as I find them.

Last but not least, I would be nowhere without my lovely, web developer & tech genius husband, Felix.  Thank you oooh sooo much.  :)

And with that – have fun exploring my new site.


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Blogger for 6 years and counting, I am a passionate creator who loves to tinker.

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