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Hello everyone!

Before I kick off my blog post for today – I just wanted to say “hello.”  It’s been a while  and so much has happened I don’t even know where to start.  The election – the holidays – the Women’s March… have all happened since I’ve last posted.  I’ve been more or less overwhelmed and felt like getting some distance from reality.  I’ve been basically working on my house and hiding in my sewing room, attempting to come to terms.  I haven’t yet – and perhaps that’s a really good thing.

I come from a family who is ethnically diverse through marriages – we are a mix of democrat & republicans – liberals and conservatives.  Of course I have opinions on the state of affairs in our country and I know you do too.  If I could say one thing on here is that I strive to have respect for everyone, I aim to listen and to learn, to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated: with love, respect, compassion, and patience.

I don’t intend for my blog to turn into something different than what it has always been.  I want Zilredloh to be a happy place for you to visit; somewhere fun.  As I strive to grow as a person & as a maker, I wish to continue sharing my crafty journey with you all; be it my favorite way to install a zipper (lapped of course!), a freshly grown strawberry from my garden, or sharing my new love of hand-knit socks (they’re the bees knees).

Last but not least, there are new things afoot at Zilredloh, behind the scenes.  I’m getting jazzed up and all will be revealed shortly.  :)

Now… as I crawl out from my rock, I now have a blog post for you.  I know everyone, including myself, has posted up tons of Renfrew shirts over the years.  But I just couldn’t help but share this one with you all – as it’s just so cheerful and I hope it makes you smile today (or serves as a nice distraction for a bit).

When I was on vacation in Austin, TX spring last year I happened to see this whale fabric at The Cloth Pocket.  I couldn’t resist buying the remnant they had despite it being more of a thicker cotton knit than I generally prefer.  The plus is that it is an organic cotton knit base which is always nice.

While I’m still majorly behind at posting up my makes – these photos were taken on a warm day in DC from a wedding I went to in September.

Honestly, I have no modifications or sewing tips to share on this Renfrew version.  While I always like to post for a purpose – this is a frivolous and fun post.

One bit of drama on my tee is that when I started cutting – I completely cut the front bodice with the whales upside-down.  I spaced out.  I was so angry with myself, but luckily I was able to cut another bodice front.  Good thing I’m nice and short (and this was a 55″ wide fabric) otherwise I would have ruined this happy whale fabric.

I mean its happy little whales and it just brightens up my day anytime I put this shirt on.  And lately I’m all about creating things that just make me happy!  At the moment, I don’t want to make boring staple items that perhaps would aid my wardrobe – I really want what I want to make.  No regrets! :)

I do hope this is a post just to make you smile and may, in turn, prompt you to sew for fun as well.  Just to let loose and  sew with that one little fabric that will brighten your day as well.

Cheers & happy sewing!

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