A Phryne Beret

Hello again!  While it’s been far too long since my last post – all sorts of things have been happening and I’ve remained quite busy.  New computer, a quick trip to DC, a trip to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival, and all sorts of sewing & knitting projects have happened.

I think this summer/fall has been my busiest travel year, by far, and I’m looking to settle down into a normal routine once again.  I do have hopes of catching you all up (as time allows… if my time allows… I hope…) lol

What I have to share with you today is my most recent make – a hot pink beret pattern aptly named Phryne. (non-Ravelry link here)

Phryne Beret

The pattern was named after the sassy lady detective Miss Phryne Fisher (Murder Mysteries), who I love.  I’d be lying if I said I am not starting to be smitten by her flapper-era garments and want to wear all of her costumes.  Speaking of which – does anyone know when the next season is coming out??

My hat style of choice is either a beret or a cloche- and when I saw this pattern pop up in the Summer 2016 Knit.Wear Magazine (of Interweave Knits), I knew I had to make it.


I snuck outside right before work this morning to take some quick photographs of this hat with my brown hair.  I’m actually going to the salon tomorrow and my hair color maaay change.  I don’t want to sound vain, but I’m not sure if my new hair color will complement this hot pink hat so I wanted to get a quick pic of it beforehand.


I bought a whopping three skeins of this Mrs. Crosby fingering-weight merino, 6 weeks ago when I was at a sample sale in Miss Babs studio.

Miss Babs Yarn

All of these colors are “mill ends” or one of a kind skeins.  The one on the far left is perfect for a pair of socks.  And the three pinks I felt matched well enough to use for fall accessories.

One skein of the pink was ample for the hat.  And I’ve since learned that I really like coordinating accessories – otherwise they don’t get worn.  I’m now working on this glove pattern along with this cowl pattern that I’m using to make as a scarf.  I’m hoping I can get them knit up before the cold weather really kicks in.

Berets are great hats – but for me they’re more along the lines of style hats, not great for below-zero-have-to-stay-warm hats.


The texture from the stitch pattern is really great.  It’s two rows of a slipped stitch along with one row of purl stitch.  The slipped stitch row section gives the hat some density/heft/structure while the purl stitch row gives it those ‘horizontal’ lines you see for decoration.  So it’s not a light and airy beret but more of a densely knit one that can keep its form.



Well… that’s all I have to say about my hat.  I do have some actual pattern notes on my Ravelry project page if you’re interested in making one yourself.

Happy to be back and blogging again.  Happy (early) Halloween!  :D

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