A Summery Outfit

I love sewing garments for summer so much more so than winter, I find.  While I love wool there’s just something to be said for easy, breezy garments.

Ondee and Tania

First of all – Rayon!  I am smitten with you, rayon.  Let’s just take a second and hear me admit out loud that this is the first time I’ve sewn a garment with rayon challis.  I know, right?!

Ondee and Tania

I’ve always known rayon is wonderful and I have several vintage rayons hoarded saved for the perfect dress.  But I really can’t believe I’ve never sewn with it before now.

Tania Culottes

I purchased this Cotton & Steel Rayon when I was in Austin a couple of months ago, knowing I was going to use it for Tania Culottes.  I was able to get my culotte cut with 3 yards, total fabric hog. But it is like making two circle skirts, one for each leg.

Tania Culottes

I bought the Tania Culotte pattern last year and promptly made one in a rayon/linen blend near the end of last summer.  Sadly that doesn’t fit anymore – so I knew I had to make up another pair for this summer.

My favorite part about this pattern is that you can’t even tell it’s a culotte – it looks very much like a skirt.  To me it’s a total *win* of a pattern.  No chafing when it’s hot out and no one is the wiser that I’m wearing culottes.

Tania Culotte

While the pattern now comes with 3 different lengths – I was forced to modify the original mini culotte pattern as I wasn’t given an upgrade for free (when I asked).  Kind of a pain in the butt… but it was easy enough to just lengthen this to a knee-length.

I did add some additional height to the inseam crotch, I believe 1″ or so.  In my first version my thighs still rubbed together – which negated the purpose of culottes for me to begin with (ie chafing in the summer).

I got some free sunflower seeds and I figured why not plant them up and see what happens.  I started them in my basement with the rest of my flowers and look how tall they’ve gotten.  I noticed that some of the seeds were gone in the center so I decided to give one a shot myself.

Summer Outfit

I love these daily surprises that are happening in my garden.

The blouse I’m wearing is Ondee, by Deer & Doe.


This is my first make using Deer & Doe patterns, although I do have a couple others by them sitting on my shelf.

I made mine up using a cream-colored, french terry knit.


I did have a bit of trouble getting the center front of the collar to lay flat and not show the serged edge, but it does alright.


I love that this short blouse has a vintage flair.  This silhouette reminds me of my earlier short-sleeved hand knits like this one.

Ondee Top

The blouse falls at your true waist, so wearing a skirt (or in this case culotte) that hits at the waist is pretty essential unless you want to show some skin.  Anyone tallish (aka over 5′ to me) may need to lengthen the bodice.  It’s perfect on me, but I’m 4’11”.

Ondee Top

These two patterns, the Tania culotte especially, is a summer staple of mine this year.  I’ve since made up a second rayon version with a third happening shortly.  All the rayon things are happening this summer, to be honest.

I’ve quickly learned that rayon and linen/rayon blends are my favorite summer fabrics.  And if you’re not tempted to use some rayon yourself, let me just leave you with this bit of rayon loveliness that is coming out in August!  You can be sure I’m getting that navy base floral as soon as it is physically possible.  The periwinkle base will be purchased second… lol

(In no way am I compensated for my opinions… I just am currently smitten and need to share.)

Happy Sewing!

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