A (non-Crafty) Update

So much seems to be happening in my life right now and it feels odd to not share it – even if it isn’t about sewing/knitting.

My last blog post was about my initial planning of my veggie garden – since then my little seedlings have been growing non-stop.


(Cilantro, Sun-Flowers, and Spaghetti Squash)

It’s so fun to watch them grow and know that they’re all doing good and are happy in my basement light set-up.  As a result, Felix and I had to get a move-on with building our raised planter boxes.

gardeBoxProjectDay2_13 gardeBoxProjectDay3_03


Felix and I have been spending the last few weekends working on these boxes.  Boy are they huge!  They’re each roughly 6×4 feet and I love the way they’re turning out.

We’ve been talking about & thinking about these boxes and the construction almost non-stop for a solid 3 weeks now.

Raised Planter Boxes

I’ve been running errands to various garden stores – not an easy feat when you live in the city – and our supplies are busting at the seams.

Garden Box Supplies

I’m making a sub-irrigated type-system of planter bed.  It basically will always have a reservoir of water at the bottom and the soil has to be *just right* for the moisture to wick up to the plant roots.  I’m hoping they’ll work great for us and I’ll be able to water less over the summer and focus on other things while my veggies grow and feed us.

Other News:

My parents are moving.  My parents have been talking about moving out of the state for quite some time and all of a sudden it’s happening in less than a month from now.  This is my childhood home and I really haven’t taken the time to address my feelings about it yet.



As happy as I am for my parents about this huge change, it’s going to be hard and I’m not looking forward to it.  We have a lot of memories together in this house – lots of growing has been done here and it’s hard not to associate the house with all of those good & bad times.

And one more thing:

I don’t think it comes as a shock to anyone, but I’ve gained a bit of weight; I’ve gotten a bit… shall we say… thick.  heh  My clothes do still fit – but I know once summer comes, those won’t be fitting.  Felix and I decided to bite the bullet and do something about it.


We’ve done South Beach diet in the past and each time we see less dramatic results.  And that’s all right.  I’m just focusing on eating right and the S.B. diet really helps us on that path.  It’s a *reset* button for us/me to cut my addiction to all things sugar/chocolate and to re-train myself that protein & veggies are my friends.

And yes – we had one last indulgent meal at Bang Bang Pie Shop before S.B. day 1.


Okay… a bit of Crafting talk:

I’m still sewing/knitting – but it just feels silly to sew something I’ll just have to possibly alter in a few weeks.  That being said – I’ve gotten creative while sewing up my garments.

I’ve been sewing my garments in a completely different way than pattern directions state.  I’ve been attaching a bodice FRONT to the skirt FRONT, bodice BACK to skirt BACK – THEN – sewing the side seams from skirt hem to the sleeve hem in one long pass.  I’m doing this so that I can super-easily alter any garments that may get too large (or small) at the side seams instead of having to unpick the whole waist seam to take out the side seams for more/less room.

Happy to share some images/how-to’s if you guys are interested.

Well… that’s about it for now.  It’s a lot to contend with and Felix and I are staying very busy.  Hopefully I’ll manage to get out this weekend and take a few photos of my recent makes – but if things go the way they’ve been going – I imagine I’ll be having garden box images to share instead.  :D

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