Effortless Linen Dress

One of the last projects that I was able to make for my Paris trip is this easy, breezy linen dress.


I bought this navy & white linen at Fancy Tiger Crafts this past spring when I happened to be in Denver for a work conference.  I’ve longed for a rustic, looking linen dress and I bought it with that idea in my head.

Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday (1953) starring Gregory Peck
Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday (1953) starring Gregory Peck

I wanted my dress to feel like something Audrey Hepburn would wear in Roman Holiday – simple, chic, and perfect to wear while having an adventure.

Rodin Museum

The bodice, sleeves, and skirt of my dress all come from different patterns and I created the waistband piece and fit it accordingly.  I call this pattern hacking – but Ms. TaniaSews so cheekily reminded me that its your “design” not a hack job.

The bodice is from a 1960’s dress, skirt is from a 1950’s dress, and the sleeves – I can’t remember.  They’re my to-go-to sleeve that I always leave out as it’s perfect for my armscye; I believe I modified it from a 1940’s blouse pattern though.

The Rodin museum garden turned out to be a great place for sneaking a few photos of my dress.


I probably could have stood to hem my dress a bit shorter… I know I have a propensity to made my hems longer rather than shorter, but I think it’s the effect of my height.  Sometimes when I’m looking in the mirror, the angle is off and it appears that I have more length than I do, resulting in slightly longer hems.  #ShortPeopleProblems

Linen Dress

The skirt is in between a full circle and a half-circle skirt, perfect for swishing along the boulevards of Paris and Bruges.

Linen Dress

I love center, lapped zipper insertions.  I nearly do them on all of the dresses I’m able to because I love them so much.  I stitch the one side down and then pick-stitch the remaining side by hand.

Linen Dress

Now the hem looks fine in these pics – what the hay??  I’m guessing it’s my photographer’s height that is throwing off my own hem angle.  Ahh well…

Linen Dress

As you can see, the linen takes on a different color depending on the lighting conditions.  Sometimes it’s very navy blue and other times it’s more rustic looking.


Rodin Museum

It was perfect to wear on my travels and it has a spot in my regular wardrobe now for work.  It’s a breezy summer dress and now it’s turned into a great transition piece for fall paired with a cardi and brogues.  All in all, it’s a simple dress, but I love it so much.

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  1. Michelle November 3, 2015 — 10:48 AM

    I can attest, this dress looks amazing on you! I think you struck the perfect balance of classic/elegant/chic with this one. :-D

  2. Hélène November 3, 2015 — 12:30 PM

    Lovely dress! This is the perfect match: fabric + pattern. I think the length really has a Roman Holidays vibe and you look wonderful – just ask your tall photograph to kneel down a bit!

  3. Bonnie November 3, 2015 — 1:01 PM

    Charming! Lovely LOVELY tweak-design and a testament to the fact that you are an awesome judge of style-fabric combinations that work best for you. IMHO, the length looks perfect, and I feel sure that Audrey Hepburn would be proud.

    PS. Luuove the less-pink coif too – jus sayin :)

    1. Liz November 3, 2015 — 2:09 PM

      Thanks Bonnie. It’s been a long journey to learn which fabrics pair with which patterns and now that I’m sewing with knits, it’s a whole new learning cycle. It’s fun though.

      The less-pink is actually what I wanted my hair to look liked. It fades so bad & quickly with my hair that I have to make it “more” pink at the beginning so that it fades to the pink that I like, which is nice pastel pink. :D

  4. It’ll definitely be the photographers height making the hem look longer – happens to us too, even though I’m tall my husband is even taller!

    The dress looks great, and the fit is ideal. I love simple, easy to wear dresses like this!

  5. Heather November 4, 2015 — 6:46 PM

    What a lovely dress for a lovely holiday! It looks perfect!

    1. Liz November 5, 2015 — 9:11 AM

      Thanks so much Heather. :)

  6. Melissa November 5, 2015 — 11:35 AM

    Adorable! The fabric is perfect, and I love seeing your Paris photos! We missed the Rodin museum while we were there, now I’m wishing we would have had time to see it!

    1. Liz November 5, 2015 — 2:13 PM

      Thanks Melissa. I just went down the rabbit-hole that is your blog; fun stuff lady! :D

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