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I generally don’t post up about non-sewing/knitting/house adventures, but I can’t keep this to myself any longer.

My husband, Felix, just launched is very first iPhone app last week, and I couldn’t be more stoked for him.

It’s called The Augur.


Stealing Borrowing from the about page of Augur, this is what it is in a nutshell:

Part oracle, part drunk advice columnist, the Augur iPhone app uses Twitter to tell the future.

Through real-time Twitter searches and anonymized data, the app distills the ramblings of the world at large into a kind of crude, advice-dispensing, fortune-telling machine.

The Augur app is your way to tap into the collective insight and counsel of millions of Twitter users (and probably only a very small number of those people are actually psychopaths).

What better wisdom is there, than the wisdom of the Internet at large?

It’s a silly app.  It has no practical purpose but to entertain – and it does a great job at that.  To me it’s like having a whole bunch of fortune cookie fortunes at my disposal to read.

Part of the fun is you never know what you’re gonna get next, as you tap your screen.  Some are gold, and some are just plain crazy.  heh

It’s perfect to read as you’re waiting in line, on the train during your commute, or reading material over your morning tea/coffee.  I tried to be his first supporter to purchase the app (for $1), but several people beat me to it which I’m not happy about.  :|

Check it out – spread the word and enjoy for yourselves.  :D


In no way have I been paid to support this app – although I probably will get a hug or two for doing so or maybe even ice cream.  (Felix my fav ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies & cream).

This is an independent review – but I am biased b/c I love my hubby and think he’s great.  :)

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