Glasses: An Update

I bet you were all starting to wonder when I’d be showing off my new glasses that you graciously voted on back in September.

Well…. I have to admit that life seemed to have got in the way of purchasing new frames.  About 3 days after I had posted up the voting for my glasses my husband Felix lost his job.

FElix worked at a company called Emmis Interactive for the past 10 years and it was bought out by a company called Marketron and sadly he wasn’t retained by either the new company nor his parent company Emmis.  Sucks.  Needless to say, we’ve been trying to keep expenses to a minimum and hence no new glasses for either of us.  I was going to say something earlier to you guys, but the time just never felt right to write about this as we were both still dealing with it.

But before you start to feel sorry for me (& Felix) I am happy to say that he’s starting a new job this week.  *hip hip*  He’s been hired for a 6 month contract with Sears as a web developer.  Who knew they had such an extensive web team?!  I know I didn’t.  Anyhow he started on Monday and will be working with them during the next 6 months.  After that I have no idea…. but for now things are looking up.  I want to stay positive, so I just try not to think about what happens after 6 months time.

As a pre-Christmas treat to ourselves Felix and I went glasses shopping once again.  I have to say, I tried on those cute red glasses but I wasn’t as ‘sold’ on them as I was the first time despite the 60% vote.  The tortoise shell ones were okay, but ultimately I made a bold decision and ordered these fun ones:

I remember trying them on when I was in the store last time, but I nixed them for some reason.  Trying new frames on I picked these out and the longer I wore them the more they were growing on me.  (I was keeping a straight face to help me assess better not because I wasn’t happy.)

The top is a tortoise shell and the remainder is clear.  So they kinda have a rimless quality, but not quite.  The lenses will be anti-glare so they won’t always be so shiny as they are at present.  I felt like they were the perfect mix of vintage and modern frames, but fun and different from what I currently wear.

But what do you guys think?  Heh  I do want to know what you honestly think, but I’ve placed the order and can’t go back now. So maybe I don’t want to know….  :)  Either way thank you for your patience about my glasses and hope you love the new ones just as much as I do.

P.S.  I can’t wait to show you Felix’s new frames; I think I love them even more than mine!

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