Who’s Baxter kidding….

She can’t cut fabric this way!

Sorry this is a bit dark and that Mr. Quincy is blurry.  I nabbed this photo while I was on the couch in lower lighting.

Ahhh!  I’m turning into one of those people who takes photos of their “kids” doing bad things when they should be reprimanded instead.  Baxter and Quincy were hopping around my muslin fabric bolt and I guess it smells fresh and tasty so they decided to try and nibble on it.

And for a special treat (I hope), this is my first ever video of Ms. Baxter & Professor Quincy Snugglesworth:

Again, I know it’s dark but it’s the buns….in motion!  Don’t worry, next one I post will look much nicer.  I was too excited that I did a video that I had to share it.

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