Crochet Pattern Freebie: The Beau Catcher

Today’s pattern isn’t a knitting pattern but a crochet one!  Aren’t you excited?!  Does anyone else crochet besides me???

Crochet gets little attention here, but it’s one of my first loves.  I started out learning crochet and did that for about a year before I started in on knitting and sewing followed a year after that.

I picked this pattern from the Bishop Fashions Publication and I didn’t even realize it was a crochet pattern at first glance.  I’ve shied away from crochet garments since I started knitting, but isn’t this one adorable?

Click on the following link to download the free pattern as a pdf: Beau Catcher_Crocheted Blouse Pattern.

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How cute that this little top is called the Beau Catcher.  I couldn’t come up with this name if I tried.  heh  The pattern is completely different but the name reminds me of Tasha’s Free pattern: The Date Maker.  I bet these two patterns would be the best of friends… either that or stealing each other’s dates.

The pattern uses a size 3 crochet hook with a wool boucle yarn (of unknown weight).  Luckily there is a gauge of 6 dc per 1″ and 3 rounds/rows per 1″.  Since it’s a number 3 hook, I’m assuming this pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn.  The pattern is also multi-sized for a 32″ bust, 34″, 36″, and 38″ bust.

As far as crochet patterns go, I’ve made a few back in the day but found that there’s a fine line between looking like a grandma and looking cute & chic.  Even if the pattern is cute, with the wrong yarn you’d still end up looking granny-esque.  I think this pattern is a “go” no matter what.  The design & close-fit alone make for an attractive silhouette that would look pretty no matter what the color.

What do you guys think?  Is this a cute pattern or is it a granny?

The more I look at this, the more I want to make it using my alpaca pink yarn!  I’ve been in a knitting rut and this may be just the thing to get me working with yarn again.  :)

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