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I’ve been sewing up muslins for the Quaker Oats dress with the polka-dot fabric, and it’s been going pretty rough.  I’ve made 2 different muslins and the sewing along with fitting the dress has been very challenging.  I really had no idea it was going to be so hard!  There are 3 90 degree angles I have to sew for each arm-intersection which means I have to sew 12 of these intersections in the bodice.  *Yikes*  And once I clip the corners in order to stitch them together, it makes altering quite impossible since I had to snip close to the stitching.  Mega *Yarrrr*!!  I’ve been making my way through it slowly, then I ran out of muslin.  heh

I’m still plugging away but I have a feeling the bodice may not be as perfect as I want it to be.  But I’m trying…  I’ll post up pictures soon when I get a workable skirt muslin and then once that’s joined to the bodice for all of your thoughts.

On a happier note, I think I may officially have a sewing buddy!

Everyone this is Leslie.  She came over last Sunday and again on Thursday night.  She’s very much a newbie sewer and she’s working on a pillow, her third project, ever!

I kept forgetting to take pictures, but Felix grabbed these for me when I wasn’t paying attention.

I put 2 leaves in my dining room table to make some more room for Leslie and her machine.  I’ve actually kept the leaves in and I get even more excited every time I sit down and use all of the extra table space I didn’t know I needed.  heh

She’s actually storing her machine over at my place temporarily since she doesn’t have a large table space to work on.  Lucky for me, she let me try out her vintage singer with my automatic buttonholer in her absence, since it doesn’t fit on my machine.  I was excited until I found out that my buttonholer doesn’t like me and won’t produce nice-looking buttonholes.  But more of that for another day…

It was a bit hard to concentrate at times, but overall it was really fun to chat while sewing and to be able to help her out when her machine started getting hungry and eating her thread and zipper.  I’m hoping these sewing nights become a regular thing; the more the merrier I think.  :)

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