Lacey Sweater Blouse Pattern

Today’s knitted pattern comes from To Knit and Wear published by Women’s Day in 1950.

There are a bunch of great sweaters in this publication, but I had a hard time justifying posting up sweaters when Spring is so near.

Click the following link to download the free vintage pattern as a pdf: Lacey Sweater Blouse Pattern.

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First of all, lets talk styling.  I think it’s really funny that the model looks like she’s having her yearbook photo taken.  Also, I’ve slowly been noticing a trend in some vintage knitting magazines that their knit tops are worn sans camisole.  From this image, it’s hard to determine if she’s wearing a cami or a bra… but it kind of looks like a bra to me.

What would you guys wear underneath this top?  Strapless bra, camisole, a thin-strapped bra?

The lacey yoke on this jumper is lovely and would be very breezy for springtime, which is what drew me to this pattern.  But I now have to admit, I think it would be tricky to wear for modest-me.  Wearing a cami underneath is not very productive when one is trying to keep cool, but nor do I care for those large straps cutting underneath the pattern.  I think the only alternative would be to stitch some nude silk charmeuse underneath, but that would also defeat the purpose of this design.

What do you guys think?

This pattern is multi-sized from bust size 28 to 34.  The sizes are on the smaller scale since this pattern is in the young woman section of the magazine.  The gauge for the pattern is 8 sts an inch and 11 rows an inch, using a fingering weight yarn.  The original would have been made up in a pretty, feminine pink.

I sadly haven’t made much progress on my own ribbed jumper since I last posted about it.  I’ve been very focused on my sewing projects in the evening and I’m nose-to-page, reading Pride and Prejudice on my daily commute.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Comments (7)

  1. Emma March 23, 2012 — 11:07 AM

    I would wear it with a beige vest in thin cotton or viscose jersey. No way would I wear it with just a bra. I might wear it with a strapless bra if I made it a party blouse in a silk blend or something, but not for daywear… I need more coverage than that to feel comfortable.

  2. Rachel March 23, 2012 — 11:11 AM

    So long as it was not showing much of my bra I might be OK with it. But I would definitely think about the old fashioned cami with the lacy yoke as an option (think Downton Abbey ;))- especially if this were in a lightweight yarn.

  3. Qui March 23, 2012 — 2:46 PM

    I’d probably just go the strapless bra route. Doesn’t work for everybody, but that’s what I’d do.

  4. Pretty! I’m knitting a similar top right now — I do like your idea of backing the lace with charmeuse… I think it would look really cool (and actually highlight the lace really well) if you used a contrasting color.

    I’m just going to wear my lacey-yoke sweater with a regular bra. I think I have the lace up high enough that the cups won’t show, and I don’t think a thin strap will be noticeable enough to bother me. Definitely no strapless bras for me — so uncomfortable! But maybe I’m just not that modest ;)

  5. Emma March 23, 2012 — 4:59 PM

    I’ve made a couple of short sleeved sweaters with an all over lace pattern, and I wear a camisole underneath. If I made this top, I’d do the same. You’re right, having an extra layer does somewhat defeat the purpose of a warm weather top, but I’d feel uncomfortable just wearing a bra underneath.

  6. An interesting topic over which I have been obsessing for quite some time. Thanks for bringing it up.
    Some time ago I knitted a sweater in an allover lace pattern without giving a thought to what to wear underneath. When I tried it on it became obvious that I need more than a bra to go with it, so now I am wearing it with a skin-tone charmeuse slip or a vest. My sweater was supposed to be a light and “airy” summer piece but having to wear something underneath it sort of reduced its usefulness as an outfit for hot days, so it’s now a springtime or fall sweater. In the future I’ll stay away from allover lace patterns if I need something for the hot summer days. Or wear nothing at all under it, which would make it very … ahem …. interesting. ;-)
    Backing the lace with contrasting (or skin tone) fabric is a great idea (although probably not very authentic), I’ll keep that in mind for my next lace project.
    For the sweater you posted here, I think you could get away with just a bra, since you’ll only see the straps in any case.

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