“Sewing Green” Skirt

This Week at Sew Weekly is all about Green, to celebrate St. Patty’s Day but instead, I am sewing “green”.

I wrote up my thoughts on the Sew Weekly post and you can read it here.

The gist of my post is I’m not Irish.  I feel bad celebrating as if I were, and for the last few years I’ve made a conscience choice to let the South Siders (of Chicago) do the celebrating for me.  I’m a happy camper just slurping on my Shamrock Shake.  :)  So instead of sewing green for St. Patty’s day, I’m taking this opportunity to sew-green.

You may have heard me note on several occasions that I’ve been trying to stash-bust, or pick fabrics from my own closet to use, instead of shopping.  I do love me some new, yummy fabric.  But I have tons in my closet ready for the making, I just have to hold on to my willpower once a week as I pick out which pattern/fabric combo to use for the upcoming challenge.

I bought this satin-backed cotton blend fabric this past fall/summer from the bargain section of one of my local fabric stores.  I love lining in garments, so I figured this fabric is the best since it’s technically already lined.  Woooot!

After prewashing my fabric, I laid it all out on the floor ready to cut out for the Linda Skirt, when I realized I didn’t have enough fabric in order to match the plaids.  (I now know I need to bring my pattern with to the store to determine how much fabric to purchase.)  I thought my 3 yards would have been sufficient.  So back in the closet it went until last weekend.

I had only 1 green fabric in my closet that I could use for the green-challenge, so determined on making a circle skirt in this fabric, not taking no for an answer!!, I found a layout that matched the plaids, cut a semi-bias waistband, and got stitching.

My first attempt at plaid-matching isn’t 100% perfect, it’s only about 97% perfect.  Luckily I’m the only sewer in my office, so no one is going to be the wiser.

All items from the skirt were from my stash, with the exception of the zipper.  I couldn’t bring myself to use a black 22″ length zipper for the back opening, so I paid $1.25 for a coordinating green one.  I added in some horsehair braid to the hem to add in just enough floof without needing a crinoline.  I also didn’t even buy a coordinating thread for this skirt.  Instead I used a off-shade of green from my stash and used that instead.

I wish my plaid design was as striking as Lauren’s version or Sunni’s version, but I’m really happy I was actually able to make exactly what I intended for this fabric in the first place.  I have a few scraps left (not enough for a wearable garment) and I refuse to toss them in the trash.  Perhaps I’ll be able to use it as trim or as detailing on a future project.  If not, I’ll donate it to my local fabric store’s scrap bin.

I know you love seeing my weekly creations, but I have a new surprise for you today.

Everyone meet Tus:

I was dog-sitting for my friend Jake this weekend, which meant that Tus accompanied me on the photo shoot.

Tus is a stray from Guatemala that my friend managed to bring back with him from his travels 6 years ago.  She’s such a loyal, smart, yet sneaky dog.  She’ll try and get away with things when she’s smart enough to know better.  But really, don’t most pets do this anyhow?  heh

As a reward for her patience a game of fetch naturally ensued.

She’s a dainty dog but is big enough to hold her own, to me she’s the perfect size for city dwellers.

My favorite shot of the day by Felix:

Sadly, Felix and I turned Tus over to Jake again on Sunday night.  She served as our reason for taking a pause to get out of the house and for going on walks to breathe the fresh air.  It always seems a bit quiet when she leaves, but my bunnies were thrilled to take over the apartment once again as their very own.

I’m sure Tus will make another appearance, but until then you can see more of her on Felix’s blog.

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