I seem to be a day or two behind this week with all of my posts….  But I had to post a recap of my Valentine’s day.

In general, I’m not a big advocate for the Valentine’s day holiday.  Ages ago I was dumped on Valentine’s Day which may have started my slight of the day, but over the years I just found two things first, it has tended to be a let-down holiday and secondly & most importantly when people are in love they don’t need a holiday to celebrate it (IMO).  I think it can be fun to go out with the girls and have fun on this day and I also think it’s awesome that couples go out to celebrate the day if they want to.

Last year I didn’t buy my guy anything special, but after dinner I surprised him with a scavenger hunt for dessert, just to do something fun.  But this year my man sure did surprise me!

As far as I remember, we weren’t planning on doing a big deal with gifts.  Apparently he said that to throw me off of trail & gifting scheme.  He got me 3 totally thoughtful, fab presents just because:

He got me three very thoughtful presents!

The shiny zippo lighter guy isn’t actually a lighter but a hand warmer.  I have no idea how I came across it initially but I had added this to my amazon favorites around Christmas time.  My hands and feet are nearly always cold, so I thought a hand warmer would be the perfect winter gift.  And he got it for me!

He also got me a vintage 50’s hat that’s been in my etsy favorites for quite some time, too.

It’s black velvet with silver beading, done by hand.

And lastly, he got me a needle felting kit from etsy, for a bunny!

Isn’t it the cutest bunny!  I hope I’m able to make one just as cute!  (Lots of exclamation points here….)  I was so excited by this little guy.

Kit Innards:

The bulk of the roving is in a creamy white, so it seems I’ll be having a little white bunny on my hands soon.

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of needle felting and creating cute little creatures from it.  I recall seeing some lambs and sheep that were adorable, and I just looked on in awe as to how to create them.  But now I have my very own kit to learn from.  *hip hip*

So I’m going to have warm hands, a fashionable head, and a (third) cute bunny rabbit.  :)  My honey totally knows me!

And here I am disliking Valentine’s Day and being all “bah humbug” about it.  heh  I may have to sing a different tune next year.  :)

How do you guys feel about the holiday?  Are you a fan or a bah-humbug like me?


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  1. Naomi February 16, 2012 — 7:59 AM

    I’m afraid we love Valentines day at our house. My girls prepare a meal of all pink desserts, decorate and we give each other little gifts to celebrate. Hopelessly romantic.

  2. Valentine’s day has never been anything too special for me. I was single for the first 24 years of my life, then when my darling came into my life we were both CPAs working 65 hours a week during Valentine’s – so no time for special dates. I’ve since left public accounting, but my hubby is still there – and often out of town for Valentine’s. Luckily, we are pretty much madly in love – so I feel like his princess every day :) Who needs a special day when you’ve got that?

  3. Lauren February 16, 2012 — 9:24 AM

    I’m one of those people who thinks Valentine’s Day is waaay overrated. Too many butthurt single people & too many gloaty lovers. I especially can’t stand the couples who act like Valentine’s Day has to be ~perfect~ and it’s this big huyge deal – it’s a DAY out of the whole year, people! Celebrate your love because you want to, not because of some holiday!

    I say this as someone who has, for the most part, been single for the majority of her Valentine’s Days. This year, I have a honey, but we didn’t exchange gifts or anything. We did go out of a nice dinner, though! All dressed up and fancy, yay!

    One thing I have always loved & appreciated about the holiday is the overabundance of pink/red/hearts. So pretty & girly eeee! And the day-after sales are the best :)

  4. Meg February 16, 2012 — 10:21 AM

    I’m not a fan of the holiday, but my boyfriend snapped me out of that this year :) Yours is so thoughtful! Those are fantastic gifts and truly from the heart – so romantic!

  5. Jo February 16, 2012 — 1:35 PM

    Eeeee that bunny! I’ve heard of needle felting too and seen the cute results- looks like it’ll be fun to learn! Needle felting seems so mysterious :)

    I recently made a bunny of my own actually, my first amigurumi (stuffed crochet creation), another cute craft (this reminds me I should put it on my blog today) :) It was fun, so good luck with yours- looking forward to seeing it!

    As for Valentine’s Day, I like your thought of “when people are in love they don’t need a holiday to celebrate it”, but next year me and my husband are planning to do a bit more :) I do have to practice being romantic!

  6. Ginger February 16, 2012 — 2:52 PM

    What cute gifts! I like that Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to do things for friends to show that you love them. I’m married but don’t really like that people feel obligated to buy a dozen roses and a heart-shaped box of crappy chocolates, but sadly, I can forget to tell people that I love them, so it’s nice to have a holiday that reminds you to do that! I received a lovely homemade card from a friend yesterday that really made my day– that’s reason enough to celebrate the day!

  7. I like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s sad that single people feel obligated to be mopey though. I don’t get depressed on St. Patrick’s Day just because I’m not Irish! For couples, I think it’s good to have an annual reminder to add a little romance back into the relationship.

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