Coral Colors

Sorry ladies, I had planned to put up my next free knitting pattern for you all today but something went wrong.

I did all of my scanning steps like normal, but when I went to preview my pdf that I had created, all of the text was blury.  It’s readable, but I wouldn’t want any of you to have to struggle through that.

So here’s a teaser of the pattern I’ll be putting up for you either over the weekend or on Monday:

Isn’t it lovely?!  I was so excited to share this one with you today, but it’s gonna have to wait.  :(

Speaking of coral-colored items…

I’m debating painting my dining room/sewing room a pretty coral color.  Almost everything in my apartment is in the cool tones (blues, greens, charcoal) and I’m really feeling the need to make some changes especially in the room that I’m always in (my sewing room).  It feels too drab with white walls I’m looking for a change and to make the space more “me”.

I quickly threw together some images as inspiration of my coral-peachy color theme:

I know the board isn’t quite perfectly alligned… I’ll be the first to admit I’m no designer.  heh 

I’m really liking these colors right now.  Perhaps it’s the onset of a dreary winter, but these colors are so bright and cheery.  So I have a decision to make…

I can either paint the wall a lighter coral/peachy-pink hue and have accents with a richer coral color like the room image in the upper right.  Or I can paint the walls in the richer color and accent with whites and lighter corals/pinks. Or I could leave the walls white and make accents in these tones, but it doesn’t feel like that option would be dramatic enough of a change.

What do you guys think:  Light/watercolored painted wall or midtone/richer painted wall?  (or no paint but with accents of coral).

And lastly is this a strange color for a dining room/sewing room?  My husband gave me a strange look when I was picking out the paint chips in these tones.

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