Burda Tie-Front Blouse and High Waisted Trousers

While these aren’t the first pieces I started sewing for the fall, they are the first (& second) completed ones at any rate.

I’m quite embarrassed that I started sewing Burda’s High-Waisted Trousers as part of A Fashionable Stitch’s Trouser Sewalong back in February.  The only post I made regarding them was a quick tutorial about matching the pocket grainline up with the trouser shell piece.

I made a perfect muslin, sewed the pants up in their entirely, sans hem, tried them on only to notice they did not fit well on my backside.  Since I was so deflated after having made all the necessary adjustments on the muslin to get a perfect fit, and have these not fit the same way, they were left on my sewing pile ever since.

I finally decided that while the fit isn’t perfect, it’s probably much better than I’d be buying in the store, not to mention that mine would be a much better quality, that even include a lining.  So they were placed into my fall rotation and all I had to do to finish these puppies up was to complete the hem on the shell and lining.

While I can’t argue that these wide-legged trousers probably are suited for a much taller woman than I, I’m in love with them.  They’re so comfortable; they feel like butter with the bemberg lining in them.  They reinforce the fact that everything feels better with a little lining in them.  Who wouldn’t like to walk around feeling something close to satin all day?!

I followed Sunni’s trouser sew-along to a T; her sewalongs are always thoughtfully prepared and comprehensive.  I end up learning so much about fit, and I continually reference them whenever I’m working on new projects.  I can’t wait for another one!

On my top half, I’m also wearing my newly finished Tie Front Blouse (aka the Bow Blouse) also by Burda.

This is my first blouse-success and I couldn’t be happier with it.  *hip hip*

I feel so feminine in this bow blouse; it’s the perfect mix between menswear and Emma Pillsbury (ie Kate Spade).  I wish I could make 3 of these, but I think people would start to get suspicious that I’m wearing the same shirt all the time.  It’s such a distinct look, that I fear one is enough for the wardrobe in this exact cut.

Alterations: My bow is a tad bit narrower than the original, but not by much.  I think mine is only 3/4-1.5 inches narrower than Burda’s.  I have a short waist, yet this pattern conformed to my waist perfectly.  Other than that, it fits pretty perfectly and very blouse-like.

Eeep! I nearly forgot to mention my materials…

For the trousers, I used a wool suiting material in a medium gray with some light gray and taupe pinstripes along with a slate gray bemberg lining.  The blouse is dark blue and black herringbone weave, made of 100% cotton with pinstripes of mustard and white.  It’s so light and silky, I still have a hard time beliving its only made of cotton.  I may have to venture out to see if I can find some more in a different colorway.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend & happy stitching.

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