September Giveaway: Knitting Option, In Detail

I was a bit remiss in my posting of the ‘knitting portion’ of the giveaway from yesterday and didn’t include all of the knitting patterns that come in this edition.

So I’d like to correct that and show you gals all of the patterns that are included in the March 1952 edition of Stitchcraft.

First up is the cover image in B&W:

I’d really like to see how they go about making the inside of the cardigan the same as the sleeveless-top underneath.

And here’s the sleeveless-top that goes underneath the cardigan:

Next up are two little boy’s patterns:

Aww, he has knee socks on.  Why don’t little boys wear knee socks anymore; they’re so cute.

The Stitchcraft magazines usually incorporate some embroidery and cut-work in every issue, but most of these mags are (sadly) missing their transfers.  In addition to some embroidery, this edition covers how to do some basic smocking for a little girl’s dress and a little baby boy’s onesie:

And here’s the picture of the childrens’ outfits:

The next pattern is a ladies cardigan that has a long-sleeve and a short-sleeve variation to it, as well as two different neckline variations: a round neck and a deep-er, V-neck.

They’re both done in the same stitch, but I think I prefer the long-sleeved, V-neck variation the best.

For the ‘gent (or father, or bro, etc.) in your life here’s a fair isle waistcoat pattern:


Aaaand if this isn’t enough there are 2 more ladies patterns!

Isn’t this cardigan sweet?

And finally, this is my favorite ladies’ pattern in this edition:

I absolutely love the pleats/pintucks on this jumper!  I really need to read the pattern to see how they achieve this look before it potentially goes to it’s new owner.


So there you are: 6 ladies patterns, 1 ‘gent pattern, and 3 childrens’ patterns all in this one booklet.  Can you see why I love these magazines so much?!  :)

If you haven’t already, be sure to leave a comment on the September Giveaway post for your chance to win some goodies.

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