Stitchcraft Freebie: Zig Zag Jumper with Matching Cardigan

I hope you are all able to look forward to a long holiday weekend to celebrate Labor day, like I am.  But can you believe it’s already September?!  I feel like I spent so long wishing it was summer, and now it seems to be on it’s way out.

Today, I have another free stitchcraft pattern download for you all.  I snagged a few 40’s stitchcraft mags off ebay a few weeks ago and I’m in love-love-love with all of them.

Here’s a cute 40’s number for you all:

And here’s the same jumper but in black & white (yet with another model):

Just click on this link to download it as a pdf: Zig Zag Jumper

Isn’t it cute?!  This would be the perfect addition to anyone’s fall wardrobe in a burgundy or a dark green.  I think the bow really tops this jumper off quite nicely, too.  I love seeing the color images when there’s fair isle work, but I’ve found recently that the B&W photos show the stitch definition so much better.

The gauge is a bit difficult to decipher, but I’m fairly confident this was made in a fingering weight (aka sock weight) yarn since most of them were at this time.  But it’s always safe to make a swatch before starting up any major projects.

The patterning is created with some cables combined with strategically placed knit stitches, in between the purl stitches which is creating the zig-zag effect you’re seeing.


During the war these publications were shrunk down from letter size to roughly 1/2 letter size and they even started combining months together.  This jumper comes from one of these pattern booklets.

What was even more interesting about this particular edition was the fact that they mentioned the cost of the yarn not in ‘pounds’ but in ‘coupons’.  (These pattern magazines were published in the UK, not the US.)  This really made me think about how difficult the war must have been on for everyone to have to ration one’s self all the way down to purchasing yarn with coupons.  It really makes me feel quite lucky that I’ve never had to live through such trying times and also makes me appreciate the sacrifice of those who did.

One of my sisterswas in the military, along with her husband, and they both had to go over seas to Iraq/Afghanistan which was difficult.  But their ‘jobs’ in the Air Force were weather related, so they didn’t do any actual fighting (that I knew of anyhow).  But that was tough enough… I can’t even begin to imagine another draft…

*Sigh*  I hope I haven’t depressed you all by my ramblings.  It’s just interresting how one little unexpected thing can really make you think and realize how lucky we all are.  And it always seems to come from the most unexpected thing/event.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.  And make sure you check back here next week; something may be given away…. but you didn’t hear that from me.  :)

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