Vintage Bazaar: Pilsen

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this year’s Vintage Bazaar for at least 6 months now and was giddy to wake up on Saturday morning for the event.

Vintage Bazaar is basically where a lot of vendors get together and sell there wares, in an flea market style, indoors.  The type of vendors is a mix of people who have physical locations, have an etsy shop, or they are just traveling flea-market type vendors.  As a result some prices are boutique-y high and some are flea-market low, so it’s a really good mix for all types of people.  There’s also a mix of clothing (lots of clothing), house wares, furniture, jewelery, and lots of random-fun finds.

This year Felix and I got to go in early before the crowd, because my hubby is famous!  Well, not seriously famous, but he’s a pretty recognizable guy and once you’ve seen him most people don’t seem to forget him.  We really got in because one of the event organizers, Libby Alexander, recognized him and remembered his blog post from last year’s event at the Congress Theatre.  So she let us in as press, and allowed him to document the event before the crowds set in.

I never seem to remember to take my camera to these fun events to show you all, but Felix never fails to document these fun events.  He has a really thorough  write-up of the event on his blog, Avoision.  So if you guys want to see all the stuff that was up for sale, check out his site.

But here’s some quick shot of the event from Felix:

I didn’t really have anything specific in mind that I was shopping for, but I’m always on the lookout for vintage patterns and fabric.  And that’s just what I found!

These 6 patterns came from the shop: Onomatopeia.  I got these 6 patterns for 20 bucks!  YAY!!!

Truth be told I didn’t find these patterns, Felix did!  Every now and then I’d be browsing around a booth when I’d get a call from Felix telling me which direction to head in because he’d found more patterns for me to look through.

Felix called me on the phone again just as he spotted some more patterns, but I had already beat him to the booth: Old Flames Vintage and snagged up the ‘good ones’.

I also bought 2 vintage metal zippers from her for $1 each.  They are both 22″ long in grey and pink, perfect for one of these vintage dresses.

I also found some wonderful fabric from Martha Torno, of Modern Times Vintage.

Martha’s booth at Vintage Bazaar had lots of fabric and clothes, but her physical location on Grand Ave. in Chicago is more housewares.

I also had a lot of fun looking through BombshellShocked’s booth, and also bought 2 patterns from her. 

Nicole of BombshellShocked was really sweet and fun to talk to.  I think if the event wasn’t going on all around me, I could have stood and talked with her for hours, and yet I only just met her.  She has a really fun etsy shop with loads of pretty vintage dresses.  So if you’re in the mood, make sure to take a gander at her lovely wares.     

I also found some fun McCoy pottery, which I’m going to split with my mom, because she just LOVES this stuff. 

I think I’m going to have to keep this little yellow planter though, since it already matches one I have in a teal-blue.  (And yes, that is Baxter eating her morning greens in the upper right corner.  My buns live in our sun room and roam around in the evenings when we’re at home.)

Well, that’s all the goodies I managed to buy this year at the Bazaar.  I am already anxiously awaiting the next event.  It was so fun to meet all of the happy vendors and run into some of our fellow Chicago-peeps.

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