Dreaming of Nightgowns & Loungewear

Since I’m off living at my mom’s (since July 3rd), I have no access to my sewing machine.  This means I get to dream of what could be… namely swishing around my finished house in 1940’s styled, silk beach pajamas.  Doesn’t that sound just lovely?!

In my efforts to build up my vintage wardrobe, one area where I am purely lacking is my lounge wear and nightgowns, so this has been at the forefront of my mind as of late.  

It’s kinda silly of me, but I long to walk about my new house in silk charmeuse, head to toe.  I may even have bought two new patterns to supply my dreams.  :)

Note: I did NOT pay $75 for this pattern.  But this is now mine!  *hip hip*


I fell instantly in love with this 30’s pajama pattern – primarily for the open back in view A-1.  It reminded me so much of this pajama ensemble from the movie: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.

I think the movie, in itself, is a bit depressing – although a good story.  But I love Felicity Jones & the fashions are just wonderful.

Another pattern I snagged back in March, just before I moved, is New York Patterns 1028:

This is the first pajama pattern I’ve ever bought.  It’s going to look wonderful and will be super comfy as I hang out around the house in next spring in a voile or silk or even with a wool flannel for the winter.

Not my patterns but equally dreamy:

Vogue 8062:

 McCall’s 1387:

I love smocking details but I’ve yet to try my hand with it.  On the yoke of a bed jacket would be a great first step to trying out this technique.

Hollywood 631:

Hollywood 544:

 Dubarry 1609B:

Butterick 2294:


Do you guys feel the same way about pajamas and lounge wear?  I just want have loads at my disposal so I can change out of my work clothes and sew/knit in style in the evenings.

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