A Nautical Vitamin-D Cardigan

It’s been ages since I’ve posted a finish project yet I’ve been knitting up a storm all winter.

I’m so happy to be able to share something once again.

The last finished knitting project I shared was the Ingenue Sweater that I knit with fellow bloggers, Meg the Grand & Tres Bien Ensemble (aka Michelle).

Meg picked out this cardigan to knit and next thing you know, we’re all knitting it up together once again.

This isn’t a style I would normally pick out to knit for myself.  I happened to be looking through my Ravelry Favorites and realized that a cardigan I have fav-ed a while ago was actually a Vitamin D Cardigan too.


So needless to say, I decided to (majorly) use this gal’s wonderful color/pattern selection and make one for my very own – with some adjustments.

I used a sport weight merino wool yarn by Millamia.  This was a dense, yet sproingy yarn – it really bounces when you pull it.  It was very easy to knit with and has great stitch definition.

My gauge was very off – but the stitches looked nice with the size needles I was using.  So I ended up hacking the pattern majorly.  What’s funny is that I let Meg & Michelle try on my cardigan and Michelle said that the fit was pretty close to hers – but she only noticed that the shoulder decreases were sharper than hers (more decreases per row – sharper angle of decrease).  I have to do this often since I have very narrow, short shoulders.

My cardigan ended up being a bit wider-looser in the body than I had originally intended, but it looks nice and drapey.  Perfect for the Spring chill we currently have in the air despite it being mid-May.

Pretty much the best part about knitting a project together (besides knitting in person together every week) is the photos at the end.

There are plenty of serious photos…

Hand on Hip – Check.  heh

But then things just happen….  (I’m pointing my finger at you Meg)

Meg ‘falling’ in the pond – pushed by Michelle attempting to be saved by me.

And the flashing…

We were all posing normally showing off the flair of the cardigan.  But then Felix said it looked like we were flashing people so of course, we took one where it looks like I truly am flashing poor Meg.

Michelle made her Vitamin D using a very (very) lovely shade of coral.  Her’s looks so springtime, no?!  I like mine of course, but all day long I was oogling Michelle’s cardigan and wishing I’d picked more spring-time colors than my nautical one.

Meg – oh Meg.  Quite often during knitting, I kept telling Meg how tiny her yarn looked compared to mine.  Turns out she was (accidentally) knitting with a fingering weight yarn instead of a sport weight.  Poor dear, it was taking her quite along time to finish it up – we know why now I guess.  Still… it turned out perfect despite the different gauge and yarn.

Last but not least – the ‘gents who were so kind to take our photos for us: Felix & Mike – posing like it’s High School Graduation once again.

*Guess who just finished 2 blouses & a bathrobe today?!*  I took a day off of work & I sure did get a lot done while having fun.  Expect to see more of me soon.  :D

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  1. Liz, it is so much fun to see a finished item on your blog! While Meg and Michelle look quite lovely in their Spring colors, the nautical theme suits you quite well. Your whole outfit looks great, is that skirt something you made? My last two sweaters did not turn out so well, I’m trying to decide if they need to be frogged or if they can be fixed from where they are . . . ah, it’s a love hate relationship I have with knitting right now.

    1. Liz May 21, 2014 — 3:29 PM

      Thanks Annabelle! It’s great to be back here. :)

      My skirt, yes it’s a make from maybe 2 years ago. I wear it constantly during the summer months. Reminds me I need more red staples in my wardrobe.

  2. I forgot to add that I am so jealous you have some knitting buddies! I need to find some local gals who enjoy knitting :)

  3. Meg the Grand May 20, 2014 — 11:53 AM

    Knitting with you and Michelle is the BEST. I love our photos, especially the one of you flashing me, and us being oh-so-dramatic! I know now that when you say I’m using the wrong weight to listen to you and adjust accordingly, instead of continuing down my path of destruction. This young grasshopper needs to soak up some of your knitting wisdom asap :) Also, you get to choose the next knit along project – can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

    Also, is the bathrobe you refer to above THE bathrobe?! I hope so – I’ve been dying to see it!!

  4. I love us. That’s so vain, isn’t it?!? HAHA. I am totally going to track down some of the yarn you used to knit this with, because it is absolutely delightful! I’m also completely in love with your stripes!!! I’m probably going to copy you. I’m also thinking, next time, I might double up on my decreases the way you did so mine hangs open more. Hmmm…. :-D

    Finally, I’m crazy jealous that you’re home sewing! That’s exactly where I want to be!

  5. K-Line May 20, 2014 — 8:39 PM

    You three are adorable in your matchies! I know why you wish you’d knit the coral. Despite the fact that it’s practically summer, it’s still so relentlessly miserable, weather-wise, that it’s nice to look at something floral-seeming or bright. But your stripes will be right on track when the weather moves from summer to fall.

    1. Liz May 21, 2014 — 3:30 PM

      You said it perfectly Kristin! I’m sure I’ll get more color in my wardrobe soon enough – that is if summer ever gets here.

  6. Ginger May 21, 2014 — 9:02 AM

    I LOVE the stripes! I thought you’d used a different pattern than Michelle and Meg at first! I love how different all the sweaters turned out. Man, you guys have the most fun together!

  7. love your color/yarn choice. You all look great! well done! :)

    1. Liz May 21, 2014 — 3:32 PM

      Heh, yes! With the difference in yarn selection and then the stripes on top of it, it does look quite different.

      Every time we get together, we always note that even though we’re knitting the same project, they all end up vastly different in the end.

  8. Love these posts! You all are so cute in those cardis :) And I think your nautical color scheme is awesome!

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