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It’s been over a month since I lost Baxter.  I’ve had a multitude of feelings since then, but at the end is acceptance with a twinge of longing.  I miss that connection I had with my bestie and I (well… Felix AND I) decided it was time to start looking for a new best friend for me (and Quincy of course).

When we adopted Quincy from Red Door Shelter in 2009, I was only focused on finding Baxter a partner.  This time around, I went to Red Door Shelter aiming to find myself bun-partner, who will hopefully then get along with Quincy.  So for the first visit we decided to leave Quincy at home.

Quick note about Quincy:

Since Baxter’s passing, I’ve come to love Quincy much more than I did previously.  I always liked him of course, but I like him even more so now.  Perhaps it’s because he’s decided to let me pick him up and cuddle with him on occasion… which I could never do with Baxter.  I even think he likes it!  :)

(Just showered, pardon my wet hair.)

Even though snuggling with him makes my face and neck itch and get rashy, I can’t help myself since it makes me all warm & fuzzy inside.

Red Door Visit:

Felix and I trekked out to Red Door after work on Wednesday night.

I was aiming to visit with some of the does I saw online, but it turns out they had many more buns available than what they have listed on their site.  It’s such a treat walking into the shelter to be surrounded by so many fun & happy buns.

While you do see some in cages, the place was a bustle with volunteers setting up the x-pens for them all to get some attention & exercise.  Even being in the shelter, these buns have it pretty good until they find it to their forever homes.

On our drive to the shelter, Felix asked me what criteria I was employing to find a new bun friend.  I giggled and then gave a very long answer.  But the gist of it is that I want an outgoing bun, someone I can bond with like I did Baxter; a bun who seeks me out for pets and love.  Baxter did this and that’s what I’m looking for once again.

How to assess this when visiting with potentials is difficult.

When each bun came into the ‘visiting area’ they all behave differently.  Some are checking out their surroundings and really have no time for you (until later), some come right for you, and more…

These are some of the buns we met with.

Shelly Winters:

She was an awesome bun and so large & sweet.  I love big bunnies since they do tend to be a bit smarter and more docile; they make wonderful friends.  But her personality was too similar to Quincy, and not very outgoing.  She loved getting pet, but only when I approached her.  She never came towards me for attention.  So sadly she didn’t make it in my top 3.

Fancy Pants:

With a name like this how could she not be in my top 3?!  I do love lops and she is a sassy lady to be sure.  But she was very friendly with new people, which my Baxter was not.  Ms. Fancy Pants was a lovely bun all around.  Not as outgoing as the other two buns in my top 3, but I think that she would make a wonderful best friend on closer acquaintance.

Once buns are in your home, their respective personalities flourish.  I think it was like 6 months after we brought Quincy home that he really started to shine.  He’s an old man bun that only had pellets to eat (no greens and such) and I’m pretty certain he never got free roaming like he does at our home.

Moving along…


Zelda is a dutch rabbit, known for their curiosity and independent personality.  Being on the independent side, I didn’t think I would find myself liking dutch rabbits as much.  But she was wonderful to hang out with and made it in my top 3.  She was one of the most curious does that we visited with and after she checked everything out (5 times over) she came for some petting.  If we were to take her home, she would be such an entertaining rabbit to watch.

Just an FYI, doe is a female rabbit (similar to a female deer being a doe).  So I’m not saying does, as in “does she hop?”, but as a plural doe.


I met with a mini rex bun named, Margarita.  If you’ve never pet a rex rabbit, put it on your life’s to-do list.  They are seriously the softest animal you will ever pet in your life!  Seriously!  They’re softer than a silk charmeuse fabric.    I know chinchillas are really soft, but rexes…. they’re softer IMO.

This bun was okay.  She was nice and all, but wasn’t really interested in me or the love I wanted to bestow on her.  I made Felix come in the pen just so he could pet her a bit since he’d never pet a rex.  He was really surprised at just how soft she was.  :)


She is a mini lop was quite skittish; you could tell she was very timid and unsure about things.  But once I was able to calm her down, she loved getting pet.  But every time I went to pet her, she was still unsure once again.  She’d make a lovely pet once she got more confident in people, but it made it difficult to put her in my top 3 favs.  While it’s nothing bad… she looks a bit too similar to Baxter for my liking.  I kinda felt sad just petting her, remembering my Baxter.

Then there was Gum Drop:

Gum Drop is a Californian rabbit breed and is only 6 months old.  (She’s still growing.)  They found her and her brother when they were just babies and she was the only one who pulled through despite a severe respiratory infection.  I really loved gum drop as soon as they brought her in to hang out with me, despite being bit by her.  heh

She bit my leg, through my pants, and luckily didn’t ruin my pants.  She hopped around me, and then I put my hand on her head and she instantly yielded to me, laid down for some petting from me.  She was the first rabbit to relax instantly and loved getting pet!  Major biggie!  In the image above, do you see how she’s just laid out?!  Totally awesome.

As soon as I stopped petting her, she was running  all around checking things out.  She’s 100% a young, curious bunny who loves to chew on things.  She was chewing my pants several times along with my shoes.

Felix went in to visit and he couldn’t get her to stop chewing on his tasty leather shoes.  She is totally in my top 3 because she would make an awesome forever bun.  Felix is more hesitant because she’s so… bitey.  heh

Little does Felix know, most young bunnies are like this.  Baxter was like this when I got her as a young, 3-month old rabbit too.  He just wasn’t in the picture yet to see it.  Gum Drop is like that kid you keep telling *no* to but just can’t help themselves.  In time she’d mellow out, but I love that she’s so young and frisky.

I met other buns such as Amelia Harehart, Kiki, and many more but the buns above are the ones I really spent some quality time with.

Sadly, most of the buns that I hung out with were all found roaming around the city, and have been rescued here to Red Door.  A lot of the people who get bunnies do so around Easter time and don’t know the proper care for them.  Most of these buns are just set outside, left to shift for themselves.  But really… what kind of domesticated animal is able to find food and shelter from the harsh Chicago winters???  It’s sad.  But obviously, I’m more than happy to help them out and take a bunny home with me.  :)


My top three favorite buns I met (in no special order) are: Gum Drop, Fancy Pants, and Zelda.

After writing this post, I found that I’ve written much more about Gum Drop than the other two in my top 3 list.  I relayed this information to Felix and he was like “Of course you do.”  I’ve nicknamed her Bitey McBiterson already.

I can’t get too attached yet to any of these lovely ladies, since ultimately it’s up to Quincy.  I just wanted to narrow down the playing field to buns I love, first and foremost.

I’m hoping to go back this Saturday with Quincy in tow, in order to see which of these three buns he likes (if any.)  We call it bunny speed-dating.

Aaaand perhaps, if all goes well… there may be a new bun hopping around our apartment next week.  *Squeeee*

Thanks so much for reading in my bunny escapades.  While this is kind of a sewing-knitting blog, it’s my place to chat and talk about all things I love as well as the happenings in my life– like bunnies and searching for houses.  So… if you don’t like bunnies or reading about bunnies or looking at cute bunny images.  You now have fair warning that there will be more bunny posts in your future.  :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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