Completed: Green Bobble Jumper & a Skirt to Match

It’s always challenging to take photos outside in the Chicago winters, but I have to say today’s outfit was surprisingly warm (except for my feet and hands).  I was wrapped in yummy wool so I was able to stay warmer than usual.

I love that I feel put together (for once) in vintage goodness from head to toe now that I have some sweet little shoes for my size 4 mini feet.

In a shopping excursion with Tasha, she spied these green and brown shoes for me.

I was really debating not getting them, but she really made me see that I needed them (which I did!)  Then, I had no idea what I was going to wear with them when Ms. Tasha reminded me later that day that I was knitting up a green bobble jumper that would match.  heh  Can you tell I get a bit absent-minded when I shop?!  (I do get overwhelmed easily now when shopping… but that’s a story for a different day).

This green bobble jumper is my new favorite hand knit of mine.  It’s cozy, warm and is comfortable.  I’m not 100% on the fit as you can see a bit of wrinkles near my underarms, but it’s pretty decent.  I could have knit this a bit more snug at the bust, but I’m hoping I can block it a bit smaller the next time I go to wash it.

I changed up the collar as well as the pocket and button band vs. the original pattern.

I’m not a huge fan of ribbing, so I swapped out the ribbing bits with a garter stitch when I could.  The button band was done in garter stitch (knit every row), the pocket was a mix of stockinette and ribbing at the top, while the collar was entirely different than the pattern.

I didn’t really care for the ribbed look and how long and pointed the collar was.  So I attempted a tie collar instead, which also wasn’t quite right.  For my third attempt at the collar I just decided to make the same collar as the Briar Rose Jumper since I love it.

I knit the collar a bit longer than the Briar Rose one since I wanted it to come up a bit higher on my neck before folding down onto the jumper.  (Does that make sense?)

Given the fact that this skirt is very high-waisted, I could have knit this jumper a bit shorter than I did.  But I knit it longer than the pattern stipulated (by about an inch or so) because I wanted more options to wear this with.  I have a few vintage knits that are just to short to wear with any old skirt which is too bad.  So I wanted to be able to wear this with anything.

Which brings me to my skirt…

This is the Butterick 1056  skirt that I just mentioned last Thursday.  I’ve only worn it just the once, here in the images, but it’s already one of my favorite skirts.  It’s flattering on me (I think it is anyhow…), it’s high-waisted yet comfortable and has the most fun pockets ever and a center front (and back) box pleat for walking ease.

What’s funny is that when I went to cut out my fabric, I went and added some additional fabric to the side seams of the skirt since I needed a bit more room after I had measured the pattern pieces.

Well… after stitching it all up, I went and removed exactly the amounts that I had added!

I measure my waist and hips for every project (just in case) and I currently have a 30″ waist.  So I added fabric to the side seams to get me there for this skirt which measured as a 27″ waist.  Yet I removed all of my additional seam allowances which makes this skirt’s waist a 27″.  My mind continues to be boggled about this since know I don’t have a 3″ negative ease.

Do you see I’m officially sporting my new frames?!

Here’s a detail of the fun, patch pockets.

And again showing the waistband with belt carriers:

I can’t wait to wear this skirt with tucked in blouse and a contrasting belt!  I mentioned last week that I want to make many more of these skirts, and I dearly want to.  But I sadly think I’m going to hold off.  I have a ton of summer skirts and at the moment I’m not sure what color/fabric of skirt that I may still need.  So I’m going to have some restraint and not make another one of these until I identify a gap in my wardrobe.  :|

I know this outfit isn’t as grand as my Macaron dress, but I’m really in love with this casual outfit.  As I’ve started to sew more and more of my own vintage wardrobe, I have a tendency to lean towards fancier dresses.  This means that most of my 40’s garments are indeed a bit to nice for the weekend outing, but this skirt fits the bill for casual, weekend-wear.  *Wooot*

Hope you all had a great weekend, too.

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