Macaron Bodice: Pre and Post Lining

This is a quick post just to show you the inside of the bodice, pre- and post-lining.

I mentioned it before, but never showed you guys…  The image below shows the silk charmeuse armsyce binding I stitched in by hand.

Having pre-cut lots of bias binding strips made it quite easy to get to work on cleaning up the seam allowances of the armsyce after I had the cap sleeve set in.  I stitched the bias binding by machine first so that it was nice and secure.  Afterwards, I pick-stitched the bias binding down to the seam allowance to ensure it wouldn’t roll to the outside of the armhole.  And lastly I slip-stitched the lining down onto the bodice as invisibly as I could.

What was nice is that the armsyce binding covered up the shoulders’ seam allowance that I didn’t get a chance to bind earlier.

I pinked the one side of the bodice’s side seam to prevent fraying.  I also went and basted in some silk organza into the side seam where the zipper will be inserted soon enough.

This is just another detail shot of the inside of the bodice by the back armsyce.

I then queued up a movie to keep myself entertained and got to work sewing the lower lining into the bodice.

I used small fell stitches to attach the lining to the seam allowance of the yoke starting and ending at the underarm seam.

As you can see, I took these next two  photos the next day when the sun was out.  :)

Bodice joins with skirt!

It’s official now: I have a dress!  I joined the bodice to the skirt and am in preparation to set in the zipper.  Wooot!

I feel like I’m in the home stretch now.  :)

I basted in some more silk organza to the seam allowance, this time on the skirt portion of the dress (all for the upcoming zipper insertion).  Things look a bit rumpled because I was moving aside both the bodice and the skirt lining pieces (since those get finished up by hand at the end).

Here’s a quick view of the side seam.  What’s hard to see due to the black fabric is that I serged the waist seam allowance together.

Joined bodice on the right side:

Yay!  It looks like a dress now.  :)

Well, that’s all I have for you guys today.  Tomorrows post has lots more pictures and it might even have a sneak peek of the dress on little ‘ol me.

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