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November 12

It had to be mine!

Peeps…. I was bad this weekend.

Let me explain:

I had to go into work on a Saturday to finish a project for Monday but afterwards I met up with Felix for drinks & a really late lunch at 5pm.  After said lunch, right next door there was a resale shop I’ve never been in and we walked around for 3 minutes when Felix strongly urged me to come over to where he was standing.

This beauty was sitting right before me!

Isn’t it delicious?!  Being good, I didn’t buy it since I really don’t need another sewing machine.  Plus it was going for $75.

Between Saturday afternoon and Sunday *somehow* this decided to jump in my car and up to my apartment.  heh

I didn’t even bother to try out the machine in the store since it was coming back with me regardless.  I did make sure the handwheel worked though.  :)  A few pieces on the machine are stuck, but after some inspection I think they just need a good oiling/greasing and it’ll be in perfect working order.

What’s even better is that I was able to talk the guy who was ringing me up down to $50!  Pretty good, no?!

The underside looks pretty good, no rusting or anything.  After I oiled the machine a bit, I did try out the electricity and it works beautifully, aside from a few sticky levers, namely the stitch length and the ‘darning’ option.  That’s about as far as my handy skills go and this machine will be heading to my local repair shop so that it can be fully restored to working condition.

The last thing is that I have absolutely no idea what model this sewing machine is!  I scoured the internet today and the closet one I found was this one on ebay going for $170.  But this machine doesn’t have the ‘darning’ and ‘silk’ option knob, and one of the knobs is a different color.  Besides that it looks like a perfect match, same model but different options.  Any thoughts?

  1. Sew Little Time / Nov 12 2012

    no idea on the machine but it is beautiful! what a gorgeous colour! enjoy (and i would so have gone back for it too!)

  2. Charlotte / Nov 12 2012

    That’s such a good-looking machine. It’s like a Studebaker or something. And you negotiated? I’m impressed.

    Hold on, there’s a sewing machine with a “silk option” knob? That exists? Fantastic.

    • Liz / Nov 12 2012

      Unfortunately the silk knob option is the one that is stuck! :( I’m betting the repair guys can get it working again though since it looks like a pretty *sound* machine when I was poking around it yesterday.

  3. Meg the Grand / Nov 12 2012

    Wait … you have a local repair shop near you?! DO TELL. Maybe they can fix Mr. Bigglesworth and make him less cantankerous.

    This machine is perfect and is in your signature color! I can’t wait to see what you make with it first! And bravo to Felix for encouraging you with it – Rob would probably throw something on top of it lest I see it and be tempted to bring it home :)

    • Liz / Nov 12 2012

      Well the repair shop isn’t so much near me as it is near Ms. Tasha. The one shop I’ve gone to is up on Irving Park just west of Western Ave. But I’m debating switching repair shops to another that is in the same area as well. I’m sure they could fix your Mr. Bigglesworth. heh

  4. Sam / Nov 12 2012

    Ooooh, how gorgeous! She looks in beautiful condition and is such a pretty colour.

  5. Rox / Nov 12 2012

    Love the look of this machine… I imagine it must weight a ton: the sign of a real catch! Get it up and running and show us what it can do!!

    • Liz / Nov 12 2012

      All of my machines are metal machines, but this one takes the cake as far as weight is concerned! I had my lovely husband carry it up the three flights of stairs into our apartment for me. He’s such a dear. :)

  6. Tasha / Nov 12 2012

    Felix has eagle eyes! You have trained him well. :D Beautiful machine! Is it wrong to say I’m completely swooning over the color alone?

    • Liz / Nov 12 2012

      When I bought it I checked to make sure the needle went up and down but really that’s all I focused on. heh! Super bad of me but it had to be mine no matter what just because of the color.

  7. Lauren / Nov 12 2012

    I don’t know what it is model-wise, but that machine sure is a sexy beast! I would have snuck it home too… how could you not?!

    • Liz / Nov 12 2012

      Oooh yes! I’m gonna have to take some silly pictures of me sewing in my kitchen because I have a WHOLE white & teal thing going on from my table, to my spatchulas.

  8. K-Line / Nov 12 2012

    It’s BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know anything about the model but I can see that it’s a great machine.

    • Liz / Nov 12 2012

      Thanks for your encouragement on Twitter to buy the machine! :)

  9. Karen / Nov 12 2012

    WOW! This is gorgeous. What an absolute score… I love the storage underneath the machine!

  10. Natalulu / Nov 12 2012

    I am so envious. This is beautiful! I wouldn’t even care if it worked. You did a good thing by snatching it.

  11. MacStabby / Nov 13 2012

    That. Is. Awesome. I lurrrrrrve the color; it totally matches my KitchenAid mixer. *dies*

    • Liz / Nov 13 2012

      It matches mine too! I need to take a picture simultaneously sewing and baking at the same time to show off my color craze. :)

  12. SewSavory / Nov 13 2012

    OMG! It was meant to be. That machine was waiting for you. A karma match if ever there was one. Enjoy. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures.

  13. Kat Ezat / Nov 28 2012

    Oh Liz!

    You are a girl after my own heart!

    Check these out:

    Thank you so for sharing. You made my day :)

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