Baxter was a Bad Bunny

When my sassy, girl-bun Baxter wants attention she’ll intentionally start chomping on something.  This causes me to chase her, and then she looks so darn cute that I end up petting her.  Sometimes I wonder who’s in charge…

It’s a vicious cycle, and she’s actually been quite good for a while that I didn’t even think about the pattern that I happened to leave on the floor the other day.

My sad Renfrew pattern has been eaten.

I’m not sure if Baxter was eating my pattern because she wanted attention or because she thought it tasted good (and was fun to play in).  Either way I’m going to have to do some repair work if I want to make the Renfrew in the near future.

Oh Baxter…. But how can I be mad at this sweet, fuzzy face?!

And because I couldn’t select which picture I liked best… here’s two more shots of Ms. Baxter.

And one more…

I love how her cheeks look like she’s been eating mud.  Believe it or not, she was completely white when I first got her.  She’s developed lots of coloring in the past 7 years that I’ve had her.

One of these days I’ll video her running down the hall.  It’s literally the best thing ever!  Her ears flop all around as she’s hopping, it’s so cute.

Oh… I’m sorry I forgot I was mad at my bad bunny for eating my pattern.  heh  “Bad Baxter… bad.”  ” Oh you want your ears scritched…. okay.”

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