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August 19

Free Pattern: Basic Vintage Cardi

Hey peeps!  I have a new, free knitting pattern for you today which I hope you will all love.

It’s a basic, vintage cardigan with a low v-neck that can be paired with all of your new (or existing) clothes for the fall and winter.

Here’s the pdf for you all to download: Basic Vintage Cardigan.

It’s actually hard to see the details on the color image, but if you open up the pdf you’ll see that there’s a small edge of “ribbing” that goes all around the neckline and into the hem that creates the button band area.  Why I have ribbing in quotation marks is because it’s not traditional ribbing; instead you’re knitting every row along the neckline (with 11 stitches) that gives an illusion of ribbing, but it’s way easier to do.  Basically you’re doing a garter stitch (knit every row) along the neckline.  This simple detail eliminates a lot of the finishing that you would have to do if it were traditional ribbing where you’d have to pick up stitches all around the neckline and then do the ribbing. 

A great majority of the vintage patterns have been in one or two sizes (34 bust) since they assumed people would know how to make things larger/smaller if they needed to.  But this pattern comes in 4 different sizes, so those of you who aren’t a 34″ won’t need to do a lot of math to resize this little cardigan.  It comes in 33-34, 35-36, 37-38, and even 39-40.  How cool is that?!

I really think this pattern would be a perfect beginner pattern to make your first vintage knit!

Anyone have any plans to incorporate some knitting or crochet into your fall or winter wardrobe planning?

  1. Andrea / Aug 19 2011

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I’ll definitely be incorprating knitting into my fall wardrobe makes and this cardigan may just be it. I’ve never knitted a vintage pattern, so why not? Thanks again!

  2. Ashley / Aug 19 2011

    Oh that is too cute!! Thanks for sharing :) I’ll have to give this one a go soon.
    Ashley x

  3. Kerry / Aug 19 2011

    Ooh this is cute and great that it comes in different sizes too. I love the little neck tie the model is wearing too

  4. Tasha / Aug 19 2011

    Cute pattern! I love that it’s a little different than most ‘standard’ vintage patterns. Those I think are sometimes my favorite, the ones that go against the grain and show aha! They really did have {insert technique or neckline here} back then. ;)

  5. Stephanie / Aug 19 2011

    Lovely! I’m doing this knit along: And I was thinking of checking out the Briar Rose knit along if this one goes well. :)

  6. Edamommy / Aug 19 2011

    Oh, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kat / Aug 19 2011

    That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. I was actually thinking of sharing some of the vintage patterns I have. Do you just scan them then pdf them? How to attach them to your blog as a download?

    • Liz / Aug 21 2011

      Since I don’t have a scanner of my very own yet, I’ve just been taking my magazines to kinko’s to get scanned. They either save them as a pdf or as a jpeg image. I do a bit of cropping and whatnot, then turn them into a pdf. I work in wordpress, so all I have to do to post the pdf download link is to upload & insert them like an image, and wordpress magically knows that it’s a download link since it’s a pdf. Hope this helps! But feel free to send me an email if you have some more questions. :)

  8. Gail Ann Thompson / Aug 21 2011

    OOOooooohhhh! Thank you SO much. 2 years ago I knitted a vintage pleated skirt and have been looking, in vain, for just the right top to go with it. This is it! I’ll make one of Coletterie’s Sorbette tops to slip under the cardi, and it’s an outfit!!! OldDoll

  9. TeaMyDear / Aug 21 2011

    I found you through Casey!
    This is a lovely pattern, thank you so much! I can really see myself wearing this. Maybe I’ll try knitting this during the winter if I’m brave :)

  10. Rosy / Aug 22 2011

    Oh, yes! Thank you for sharing this … I am in love with all this vintage, it’s so beautiful!

  11. Lauren / Aug 22 2011

    How amazing that it’s in different sizes! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

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