Cropped Jacket Fitting

I’ve been hard at work trying to knit up this little cropped jacket in time for my knitting/Chanel lining class which is in 1 and a half weeks from today.  I think I’ll be okay, but there’s still a lot of work to be done on it.

I basted the shell of the jacket back with both of the front pieces over the weekend so I could try it on to assess the fit.

One thing that is noticably different between the two front pieces is the armcyce.  On the left I only cast off 4 stitches and on the right I cast off 4 stitches on 2 alternate rows, which makes for 8 stitches being cast off.  I knit up the left side first and after I had it knitted up to the shoulder it didn’t look quite right.  So I made some adjustments which is seen on the right side.  It didn’t take me very long to knit up the shoulder sections, so I figured I’d keep them different to assess which fits better.

Here’s the front of the cropped jacket:

I’m not sure why I look so sad…. heh

The first thing I notice is the armcyce on the left side; the curve isn’t deep enough and theres a fold being created where my shoulder meets my body.  It’s happening slightly on the right also, but it’s not as bad.  Additionally, once the sleeves get set in, I’ll be loosing a stitch or two to seaming so the right side should be pretty close to perfect once the sleeve is in.  But the left side is not good; I’ll be frogging that side and reworking it to match the right, just as I anticipated.

One thing I need your help on is assessing the length.  What do you guys think about it? 

The pink line you see is about 1-1.5 inches above my waist.  I still need to add on the white contrasting pleats at the bottom of the jacket, and I’m not certain which length will be most flattering on me (since I’m a pear-shaped gal).

Here’s the orginal picture to compare with:

It seems the hem of her jacket is just barely grazing the top of her hips and her waist seems to be where the fold is on her left side.

Here’s a side view:

It’s swinging out a bit at the back, which does reduce down a bit when I close the front of the jacket.

And here’s a back view:

Yikes, my shirt is really bunched up… Anyhow, where my left hand is resting is at the very top of my hip.

So far my jacket isn’t completly fitted nor is it fully boxy like the original image, and I’m fine with that.  I’m planning on having a loose, 3/4 length sleeve (similar to my Lady Grey) so I can wear little gloves or hand mits with it.  And this won’t be an outdoor coat, it’ll be more of a cardigan or a fall/spring jacket to wear over some dresses or with some pencil or circle skirts.

I just have no idea where the bottom of the white pleats should fall on me….  Thoughts?

Should the hem of the white pleats fall:

  1. At my true waist (1-1.5″ lower than where it currently is)
  2. At the top of my hips (3-4″ lower than where it currently is)
  3. Somehwere in the middle of 1 & 2
  4. Or other

Keep in mind that I can still reduce the length of the navy shell to make the white pleat hem fall shorter (since I cast on with a provisional method), if you think that would be more attractive.

All of your thoughts and advice is welcome!!!

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