Lonsdale Dress Fabric

I’m not certain which fabric I want to use for my Lonsdale dress, but I found these three in my stash that would work for it.

Both of the bottom prints are by Robert Kaufman.  But the one on the left has a decidedly vintage feel to it whereas the aqua print is more modern.  And the fabric at the top is a vintage chintz fabric, of unknown type (cotton blend of some sort).

I’m kinda thinking that I should save the vintage chintz for a vintage pattern….

And the more I look at these I may be leaning towards the aqua print.  The Lonsdale pattern looks more modern than vintage, and to match that I feel like I should use a modern fabric.

But what do you guys think?  Anyone else going to partake in the Lonsdale SAL (sew-a-long)?

Okay, now that I’ve read through my daily rss feeds, I’m seriously having Lonsdale dress envy with Sunni’s Blue Polkadot beauty

Isn’t her’s just divine?!  It’s making me rethink my fabric choices since her’s is such a simple, lovely print.  I’m now wondering if the aqua print I was leaning towards may be too busy to make a pretty dress.

What’s a girl to do….  Any thoughts?

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