A Trina Holiday Dress

If I have a holiday party to attend in December – that’s all the excuse I need to sew up a fancy dress for the occasion.

I had 2 different lengths of this red, matte, 3-ply silk crepe in my stash – both pieces are remnants I found on sale at Vogue Fabrics.  I’ve had them in my stash for a couple of years.  I’d pull them out from time to time hoping to make something with them but never did.

When the Trina Dress by Victory Patterns came out last Autumn, I was smitten with it.  With fresh determination to use my silk crepe, I set to work.

My excitement was short lived when I found that I was missing just under 2 yards for the project.  The dress calls for 5.5 yards and I had 3 5/8ths yardage in this silk crepe.

Being a stubborn Taurus – I was determined to make it work.  I laid my pattern pieces out on the fabric in every configuration possible to maximize the yardage.

  • I ended up piecing together my tie wrap & seaming it with a narrow hem.
  • I cut one or both kimono sleeves on the opposite grainline.
    • Instead of cutting on the lengthwise grain they were cut on the crosswise grain.
  • Many pieces were cut on a single layer to maximize fabric – even utilizing the selvage for straight edges.
  • I shortened the sleeves.  I narrowed the sleeves.
  • I shortened the skirt.

I think the only reason I was even able to pull this off is due to my shortness.

I had to piece the wrap tie so from leftover areas of fabric otherwise I was going to use a contrast color.  I was fine piecing the fabric, but by unlucky coincidence one of the seam lines is near center front of the bodice.

On this Trina version in a solid fabric, it’s much easier to decipher the style lines than in my previous Trina Blouse version.

I didn’t make any modifications between the blouse and dress – although I ought to have.

While the silk crepe is just as drapey (and lovely) as the rayon voile, the silk is much heavier and thicker, something I didn’t fully anticipate.  The bodice dare I say “sags” with the extra weight.

I feel like it would be a bit more figure flattering if the bodice was shortened or if the shoulder area was ‘lifted up’.

I love the dramatic kimono dress idea – but being so short and pear-shaped, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off myself.

I think the dress works and the silk crepe feels so delicious.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I kinda prefer the blouse version a bit more on my figure.

I had a shoe conundrum while getting dressed.  I really couldn’t figure out what shoes to wear with this dress – seems I have a red and/or silver fancy shoe gap in my wardrobe.

Even with all of these ‘issues’, I still love the dramatic kimono sleeves and swagger this dress lends.  Queue the arm posing.  :D

I love that I have a bold, red dress in my wardrobe for the first time.

It now functions as my LBD.  I can wear this during the holiday season, Valentine’s day, and really any other fancy dinner occasions.  No matter any weight shifts it will always fit due to the wrap bodice style also.

Well, that’s all I have to say about my Trina Dress.  I’m curious… have any of you made the Trina Dress or Blouse yet?

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