Warm, Winter Whites

It feels totally silly to post up my winter knits now that the weather is turning to spring here in Chicago.  But here we are, as I try to squeeze in as many of my winter garments from 2015/2016 onto the blog before it’s officially Spring.

Luckily the weather was still a bit chilly when we took these photos, as I still needed my down jacket.

Hat & Gloves Set

My hat is the Purl Knit Turban pattern and my gloves are made using All the Water pattern.

Both of these small projects, I knit during the winter of 2014/15.  Yes you’re reading that correctly.  2014/2015, as in last year; somehow I moved on to other projects before completing these two.

With the hat, I needed to finish that front gather section piece and the gloves were only waiting for me to weave in the ends.  Totally silly…

Sometimes I just drop the ball at the very end and start knitting something else and forget about the earlier projects.

Purl Knit Turban

In any case, I did finally finish these up in early 2016.  It put a little spring in my step to have a knit hat and gloves finished so quickly.  :D

The hat pattern was a pretty quick knit.  Yarn used??  I’m sorry to say have no idea.  I made this so long ago with a remnant of yarn I had in my stash that I don’t even recall it.  I know its a super wash worsted-weight wool, if that’s any help for you.  It feels very squishy soft and has lots of stretch.

Knit Purl Turban

When I make hats, I generally just keep trying them on to figure out how long to make them & figure out my decreases at the crown on the fly (referencing the pattern of course).  I often don’t even keep track of the changes as I generally only make one hat from a given pattern.

The one change I can tell you is that I knit a little band on the front instead of doing the yarn wraps that the pattern called for.  I just think mine is a bit cleaner of a look in this way – personal preference change.

Purl Knit Turban

For the cable-knit gloves, I know I used a Cascade 220, worsted-weight yarn – which was also a stash buster for me.  With my mini hands, I cast on fewer stitches than what was called for on the original Sm/Med sized glove.  I just had to do a bit of refiguring to keep the cable sections centered on the front of the gloves.

All the Water Gloves

All the Water Gloves

I made this hat and glove set in this winter white to match all of my other winter accessories.  I frequently knit a hat in say a bright purple and realize I have nothing else to match with it.  Needless to say, I have many winter accessory orphans in my closet.

In the winter I look like a crazy, color-blind gal wearing a purple hat, green & white scarf with brown gloves.  Not exactly the best look – especially from a maker of things.

All the Water Gloves

So this glove and hat set – while it can be worn together quite easily, I made them to coordinate with all of my other colored pieces. (So I don’t look too crazy…)

Hat & Gloves

Took these photos in front of an obliging fence on walk to Sunday brunch.  As such, I tried to keep these as relaxed and natural, as this is what I generally look like on a Sunday morning.  :D  I do feel like I missed an opportunity for some victory rolls in this knit turban… perhaps next time.

Happy Knitting!

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