Fabric Suggestions??

Hey there.  Just a quick post today to ask you guys for some suggestions of fabric.

Before I get ahead of myself here’s the backstory:

My mom has always wanted a beautiful chenille bathrobe – but she is very picky.  Over the summer she purchased a lovely french blue & white, vintage chenille bedspread.  Now she’s a great seamstress too… but she has somehow commissioned me to turn the fabric into her bathrobe.  It’s becoming her Christmas present so it’s a win-win.

My labor and time are precious to me – but I’m happy to make her something she’s always dreamed of & can’t find in the store.

This is the pattern she settled on:

Advance bathrobe

We’re I’m modifying a few aspects of it in order to turn it into the bathrobe of her dreams.

This is where I get to the crux – With all of this bathrobe scheming for my mom, I went and bought the very same bathrobe pattern for my very own!  I couldn’t help it.  heh

I’m intending on making a bathrobe for myself during the same time I’m making my mom’s bathrobe.  I figured why not?!  Plus it will keep me motivated to finish.

But…. I have no fabric for it.  I’m planning on making the full-length version and will also be lengthening the sleeves.  As far as fabric goes I’m really open to any suggestions you have.

I just want something feminine but also warm for the winter.  And I also don’t really feel like adding a lining to it.  But that’s the only criteria I have.  (Just NO fleece please!!!)


Thoughts anyone??  I’m pretty open to suggestions & could use some help on this one.  Just don’t know where to start.

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