Painted City Dress

After I learnt that sewing with knits isn’t all that I built it up to be, I couldn’t wait to make more – all the things!!!  I’m still waaay behind on posting up my Renfrews – but instead I decided to  jump forward and share my my newest knit creation, the Painted City dress.

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Big City Knit Dress

This pattern is McCalls 6713, a faux wrap dress for knits; I made mine up in view A.


Painted City Dress

This is actually the second version of this dress & I did a few tweaks.  I made the bodice longer by 1/2″, and also raised up the neckline by about 1″ so I wouldn’t have too much gaping.  Everything else is pretty much the same as the pattern.

Big City Dress

Since knits are ohh soo new to me, I didn’t have any knit fabric in my stash or patterns to use.  I’ve been really avoiding them in the past.  And as it turns out, I’ve been picky about adding new patterns to my stash since I have so many along with a very limited storage area with all of the home renovations we’ve been doing.

Big City Dress

I have a new found love of Emma One Sock and all of the rayon/lyrca knits that she has.  I feel like that’s the only place I’ve been doing any fabric shopping in 2015.  Once I spotted this fabric early this spring, I knew I had to have it.

It’s a print of buildings splashed with color, hence ‘Painted City’ dress.  I feel like it’s not my ‘normal’ but I continue to branch out and have fun with my fabric purchases.

Big City Dress

You’re probably going to see many more photos of me in this location.  This is Nichols Park and is located just a few short blocks away from my house.  One of the things I love about Hyde Park is how many parks & nature areas we have, not to mention being so close to the lake.  I’m now a 10-ish minute walk away from Lake Michigan, it’s wonderful.

Big City Dress

That’s all for today.  Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  :)

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  1. HOLD UP. You had to lengthen the bodice!?! Do my eyes deceive me? :-D

    I love this dress, and I really like the fabric. It’s not your norm, but it’s good to be a little bit unpredictable. :-)

    1. Liz July 7, 2015 — 1:32 PM

      Tell me about it! I’ll post the first one soon enough, but yeah it just felt too short. lol

  2. Miriana July 7, 2015 — 1:30 PM

    As style (and fabric) departures go, it’s turned out pretty fab. And love your specs.

  3. Meg July 7, 2015 — 2:46 PM

    I LOOOOVE THE FABRIC. It’s amazing! Also, a fabulous cut on you. I hope to see it in person soon!

  4. You have made this look like such a fabulous dress. I wasn’t really drawn to it when I saw the pattern on the McCall’s site, but I absolutely love your version. That fabric is perfect – I need to get better at sourcing knits!

  5. bonita July 9, 2015 — 2:17 AM

    *sigh* If my knits would work, I’d love to jump on the bandwagon… Unfortunately, my first go at a knit dress in now neatly folded into a UFO bag to be finished at an undetermined later date. It’s been that bad…

    HOWSOEVER, seeing your pretty dress is making me all the more determined to conquer knits one day!! I think this dress is so fun, and looks so comfortable as well and bright and bold! A lovely make indeed Liz.

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Liz July 9, 2015 — 3:37 PM

      Aww that stinks. I will say I had one nightmare of a knit dress right when I first started also. It ended up being a complete wader to and I just tossed it because I didn’t want to look at it anymore. It took me a lot of hand holding from Meg the Grand to sew with knits again – but now that I have I’m making up for lost time. :) Hope you are able to give it one more go – Renfrew is a great basic pattern to start & make sure you work with a stable knit at first. It will make things so much easier.

  6. […] you can kinda/maybe see, the fit on the bodice is a bit different than in my Painted City version.  In this blue swirls dress, the neckline is the same height.  What’s different is that […]

  7. Liz July 10, 2015 — 1:07 AM

    this is a great pattern – I recently made it also and it’s not as complicated as it looks. I didn’t make any alterations but I do find the bodice to be a little short, I thought that might have just been cos of my boob though! Your version looks great and isn’t the wrap bit fun to fiddle with?!

    1. Liz July 10, 2015 — 9:09 AM

      Bodice is totally short & I even have a short waist! I love this dress, its such an easy dress to throw on and look (& feel) great in, ya know?!

  8. Begum July 10, 2015 — 1:21 PM

    It’s lovely!

  9. SCRUMPTIOUS FABRIC! you look like a wildflower in that grass!

    1. Liz July 13, 2015 — 1:53 PM

      Aww thanks Oona (aka Marcy). :)

  10. Sonja July 15, 2015 — 11:59 AM

    Ahhhh! This is so sassy and cool! I love the bright colors! Between your pics and Craft Sanctuary’s, I’m wishing I could move back to Chicagoland… I miss it! :)

    1. Liz July 15, 2015 — 4:39 PM

      Thanks so much Sonja! It might not feel like an official summer here in Chicago – but I’ve been loving the cooler temps we’ve been having; warm sun & breeze is perfect. Sorry… I’m not helping am I?!

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