Homeowner Adventures: August in Review

Honestly, not that much has been accomplished on the house front in August.  But we’re fine with that.  It’s given us a bit of a reprieve, me to sew in the evenings and Felix is working on his own projects.  Plus with the bunnies back home, we’re happy to spend more quality time with them as they explore their new surroundings.

What we have done…


We’ve begin laying down the sub-floor in the kitchen, using plywood.  And by “we” I mean Felix and my dad.  :)



We removed all sorts of gross, rotten wood boards that were used as a paneling in the back of the basement, which is going to be our laundry room.





There’s still a tiny bit more wood to remove and some cleanup with the shopvac.  But we’re on our way to a mega deep clean of the basement and pouring back concrete from where we removed it for the plumbing.


I’ve decided to refocus some efforts on clearing out the crazy backyard of the wilderness it’s become.


I trenched through and made a pathway to expose more day lilies.

Once Felix chipped in to help we got a bit further along:


Another weekend Felix and I tried to whittle down that pile of concrete we have stored in the yard, and filled up yet another bagster bag.  It didn’t even seem like we’d made a dent in the pile.


Concrete was below, all the old wood paneling from the basement was on top, with old kitchen cabinets in the middle.  Poor kitchen cabinets, how I wish I could have saved you.  :(

One bonus to August, we got a grill!


It’s not a new grill, but it’s a nice one.  My friend Jake just moved to Colorado and he didn’t want to haul his grill, so he gave it to us instead.  I spent hours (5+ hours) on cleaning out this grill and all it’s crustiness.  (Jake was a daily grill user.)  But it’s now spic and span and looking like new again.  We’ve made a few meals on it so far, nothing to complex yet since we’re grilling newbies.  But it’s so nice having a gas grill instead of dealing with charcoal for the easy whip-it-up meal on the grill.

And really, that’s about it.  We do have so much to do before the coming winter, but it’s been nice to have a bit of a breather month at the end of summer.  Hope to get the rest of the subfloor laid next and work on the basement some more – so I can get a washer & drier.  Wouldn’t that be a lovely thought… doing laundry in the house you live in?!  heh  This is a luxury we have yet to experience and we can’t wait.

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