Dreaming of Nightgowns & Loungewear

Since I’m off living at my mom’s (since July 3rd), I have no access to my sewing machine.  This means I get to dream of what could be… namely swishing around my finished house in 1940’s styled, silk beach pajamas.  Doesn’t that sound just lovely?!

In my efforts to build up my vintage wardrobe, one area where I am purely lacking is my lounge wear and nightgowns, so this has been at the forefront of my mind as of late.  

It’s kinda silly of me, but I long to walk about my new house in silk charmeuse, head to toe.  I may even have bought two new patterns to supply my dreams.  :)

Note: I did NOT pay $75 for this pattern.  But this is now mine!  *hip hip*


I fell instantly in love with this 30’s pajama pattern – primarily for the open back in view A-1.  It reminded me so much of this pajama ensemble from the movie: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.

I think the movie, in itself, is a bit depressing – although a good story.  But I love Felicity Jones & the fashions are just wonderful.

Another pattern I snagged back in March, just before I moved, is New York Patterns 1028:

This is the first pajama pattern I’ve ever bought.  It’s going to look wonderful and will be super comfy as I hang out around the house in next spring in a voile or silk or even with a wool flannel for the winter.

Not my patterns but equally dreamy:

Vogue 8062:

 McCall’s 1387:

I love smocking details but I’ve yet to try my hand with it.  On the yoke of a bed jacket would be a great first step to trying out this technique.

Hollywood 631:

Hollywood 544:

 Dubarry 1609B:

Butterick 2294:


Do you guys feel the same way about pajamas and lounge wear?  I just want have loads at my disposal so I can change out of my work clothes and sew/knit in style in the evenings.

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  1. These are all very beautiful. My loungewear tends to be quite casual. A pair of shorts or pajama pants (I’ve made a good handful so they’re fun prints) and an old band tee.

    1. Liz July 23, 2014 — 10:54 AM

      Yeah, I wear tanks & yoga pants around the house in the evening for lounging around after work hours. I’m hoping to upgrade bit by bit as my motivation allows me too.

      I find it hard to sew stay-at-home clothes more than ‘going out’ clothes since those will be seen and my at-home clothes are just for me, ya know.

  2. Anna July 23, 2014 — 10:43 AM

    I love the glamour of vintage loungewear! I picked up Butterick 5152, a 1948 robe pattern, at a JoAnn’s sale last year. Now you’ve inspired me to look for the right fabric and sew it up! Hollywood 631 and 544 are GORGEOUS and now I’ll be looking for a good nightgown pattern, too. An old tee and stolen-from-the-hubs boxer shorts would be quite out of place under a glamorous robe, huh? :) Can’t wait to see what you make!

    1. Liz July 23, 2014 — 10:51 AM

      That Butterick 5152 reprint pattern is wonderful! That “sash” makes it so swishy and pretty.

      What’s great about robes is that they don’t have to be a perfect fit since they’re meant to have a decent amount of ease and drape to them. :D

  3. Evie July 23, 2014 — 11:15 AM

    Amen to walking around draped in loads of silk charmeuse!! I have a silk 1940s nightgown I made a couple of years ago that I absolutely adore (can’t wear it too often now that I have tiny sticky fingers grabbing at my clothes all day), but it’s so comfortable and makes me feel so good. Those patterns are really great! I think that EvaDress actually has the pattern that nightgown from the film is made from. If not exactly the same, it does have a very similar back.

    1. Liz July 23, 2014 — 11:33 AM

      Running to EvaDress now, if you’ll excuse me. :D

    2. Liz July 23, 2014 — 11:42 AM

      Is this the one you were thinking?

      If so it’s close… But not 100% either. No open back straps & higher waist. But it’s close enough for seasoned seamstresses to alter to make it more like the movie version. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Ah, I almost had my hands on that Dubarry pattern! I got outbid on eBay. I was never much interested in pretty pajamas until Anna (a few threads loose) started posting about the Simplicity S Series and then I decided I needed lovely lingerie and sleepwear. I still haven’t done anything about it though :p

    I could really use some new pajamas though. I continued to wear my regular pajamas well into my pregnancy, so they are super stretched out where my stomach used to be. Now that my body is back to normal, they just look bad . . .

    1. Liz July 23, 2014 — 4:21 PM

      I’ve seen that Dubarry pattern around, so don’t give up. I know another one will pop up again soon.

      While I’m all fashion on my site, I really do live in lounge wear 1/2 the time when I’m at home or working hard on my house. I really need to beef up that half of my wardrobe….

      I’m sure you’ve spent your time wisely taking care of the new mini-you. :D Once you get a tried & true pajama pattern, perhaps you could employ the production method (cut & sew multiples at once).

  5. I imagine swishing around the house in floor length chiffon negligees and/or charmeuse pajamas. I dream it would be so glamorous! I have a couple vintage pajama patterns in my collection, but nothing as lovely as the pattern you just bought! GASP. It’s incredible. Like, I wouldn’t even judge if you had paid $75 for it, INCREDIBLE. Sometimes, you just have to. :-)

  6. Emma July 23, 2014 — 3:53 PM

    I have had very similar plans for a year and a half or so… but I still need to get my actual (vintage capsule) wardrobe up to a decent standard and that’s likely to take a year or two more (sewing on a budget, very limited time, and I own fewer clothes all together than most bloggers apparently wear in a week). But in my dreams I’m all silk pyjamas (and beach pyjamas), nightgowns, and gorgeous knitted bed jackets!

    1. Liz July 23, 2014 — 4:18 PM

      Yes, I too have been dreaming about lounge wear for quite some time.

      Speaking of small wardrobes – I’ve been living off of a very reduced wardrobe for 5 months now. Most of my clothes is packed up still in boxes since my March move. While I’m in desperate need for my summer rotation, I’ve gotten by quite nicely on the smaller clothing set. It really does go to show that ‘more is not always better’.

      And even when I am busy making clothing, I can really only manage to produce 1 (or 2 at most) garments a month since I spend so much time paying attention to the smallest of details.

  7. Siri July 23, 2014 — 4:30 PM

    Oh, what lovely patterns! I bought a 40s pajama pattern ages ago, but never got round to making it (I think it was because I couldn’t find the *perfect* fabric…)
    I really love the look of glamorous lounge wear, and would happily trade those tragic sweatpants and tank tops for something more classy :)

  8. Wow those patterns are absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t even realize they had pajama patterns like that. Some of those are decadent!

  9. Rachel July 25, 2014 — 11:37 AM

    You have some of my favourite vintage lounge/nightwear patterns there (I LOVE the DuBarry 1609B). My favourite nightgown is one I made from a vintage pattern- I used a flannel fabric, which means it is more comfy than elegant LOL but I still love it! It looks a whole lot like the Hollywood 544 pattern. And that back sash is not at all as uncomfortable as I thought it would be ;)

  10. Miranda July 25, 2014 — 12:47 PM

    So many great patterns! I love making my own pajamas. I did a flannel set (shown on http://wesewretro.com/2013/02/advance-5876-kitty-pajamas/) two winters ago (really helped this past winter with that “polar vortex”), and just got Simplicity 3508 (very similar to the Hollywood 544 picture) that I’ll be making up in a cat-themed cotton soon. I love making my own ’cause I can use the crazy novelty fabric that I don’t have to guts to make into an entire dress!

  11. Jane August 2, 2014 — 7:59 AM

    Wonderful loungewear, they did it so well in those years! I particularly like the bedjackets. What prompts me here is the smocking, when I learnt at school, a mere 45 years ago, we used gingham for our first attempt. The gingham gives an instant grid with its lines and squares for the tacking and the proper coloured stitches. At the end remove the tacking and behold fantastic smocking! The trick is to choose a suitable gingham colour and square size, or an appropriate pattern. Plain fabric could be a bit like hard work for a first go. I hope this may help! You probably know it all already.

  12. Bex August 7, 2014 — 5:59 PM

    I love those pjs – I wish glamorous loungewear would make a comeback.
    I have DuBarry 1609, it’s been in my sewing queue since forever – ack maybe it’s a sign of what I should be making next…

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