It’s Official

Felix and I bought a house!

We signed lots of papers, handed over a fatty check, and we are the proud new owners of OUR home.

It’s kind of surreal.  We’ve spent 8 months looking for our home & it’s hard to believe we just bought one!

Our Realtor, Seth was at the closing with us and he had a surprise waiting in his car after we got all the papers signed:

He went and bought us tools.  It’s like he knows we’ll be working on the house or something! heh

Seth Captain of Captain Realty


And you can contact him on his site directly here too.

But really, it was so incredibly kind of him.  He’s been the best Realtor we could have hoped to work with.  He never once pushed us and gave his advice when we asked for it.  He was always careful to reserve his own thoughts as not to sway us but was a great guide when we needed it.  He was patient, honest, fun, and full of integrity.  Thanks so much Seth!!!

Right after signing all of our documents, Felix and I drove down to the house for the first walk through.

Felix holding the one magical key to the front door.  (This was the one image I’d been waiting for… the keys!)

After doing a walk through & getting freaked out by loud thuds and rustling in the attic (hello squirrels) we went out for a celebratory drink and meal.

While walking through the house, it was eerie.  We were of course very excited to have bought our first home – yet it was still strange.  It was as if we were walking through someone else’s house and it isn’t quite ours yet.  Felix and I had the same exact feelings about it.  (He’s written his feelings far more elegantly than I have here.)

Last night was the first time that Felix and I were alone in the house; we’d always been accompanied by the Realtors (ours or the seller’s).  And coming from renting apartments all of my adult life, it’s strange that we’re the only ones in the building.

Once we start doing a bit of work and once we move in, I’m sure this feeling will change.  And slowly the house will feel like home the more we’re in it and making it ours.

Cheers everyone & thank you again so much for all of your helpful advice last week!  Felix and I have read and re-read all of your comments – they are so helpful and kind.  You guys rock!

P.S.  Happy Halloween!


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