Thoughts for Tuesday

Thank you all so, sooo much for the kind outpouring of thoughts and words to help me get through my loss of Baxter.  You are all terribly kind and it meant so much to have so many of you giving me your condolences.


I’d be lying if I said I was all better…  But truth is, things are still rough for me.  I got a call from the vet yesterday saying “Baxter is ready to be picked up” in the most chipper way you can imagine.  And that set off another wave of grieving.  (Mind you, I didn’t even pick up the ashes… it was just the call).

Felix has been really supportive and Quincy too is helping me deal.  Quincy is a great little bun, but I haven’t had him as long as I’ve had Baxter.  And as a result, Quincy was bonded more to Baxter than to me.  While Baxter was bonded to me more than she was with Quincy.

So while I can’t pick favorites… Baxter and I were a team.  That being said, Quincy has been a tiny bit more affectionate with me which I’m very grateful for.  I’d be at a loss if he also weren’t around to pet and play with.

Getting my mind off things has been a bit help and I started sewing a tiny bit over the weekend.  Seeing as how there’s a brand new Colette pattern that is perfect for the summer, I thought I’d try to take part of the sew-along that they’re organizing.

Hawthorn Dress Sewalong

I’m not really into the contest portion, I’m just looking to do some sewing with some other gals and try to have some fun.  Of course winning anything would be fun, but that’s not my motivator right now, ya know?!

I went fabric shopping on Friday late afternoon/evening in attempts to get out of the house.  I was more detached than usual to shop for fabric, but I managed to make some decisions as far as fabric and buttons were concerned.

I bought two fabrics: a navy seersucker (which looks more like a gauze than seersucker) and a cotton chambray.  It seems everyone and their mother is sewing with this fabric and loving it, so I thought I’d see what all the hype was about and buy some for my very own.

I’m planning on making the sleeveless version as well as one with shorts sleeves but I haven’t decided which fabric will be for which yet.

I finally finalized my muslin last night and the fit was a bit different from I’m used to.  While I don’t have any images for you guys I will say:

  • I had to lower my bust dart points & move them towards the side
  • Seems to have a bit more negative ease than usual (but maybe it’s just me and all the chocolate I’ve eaten lately.)
  • My back bodice piece was perfect… it’s just the front that needed attending to.
  • I had to add a tiny bit of length to the bodice even though I’m short-waisted.

I’m hoping to make the final adjustments to the flat pattern tonight as well as starting to cut out some fabric.  But we’ll see where the day takes me…

Thanks again for being awesome you guys!

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