Knitting Pattern Freebie: The Boulevarde Jacket

Today’s free knitting pattern comes from No. 139 Sweater News edition of Chadwick’s Red Heart Wools publication from 1939.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a pdf: Boulevarde Jacket Pattern.

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I bought this pattern magazine issue over my birthday weekend up in Michigan.  I bought it since I loved the cover pattern, I didn’t have time to go through it page by page.  But when I saw this pretty little jacket/cardigan guy, I feel in love.  If I wasn’t working on my floral jumper…. this one would be really hard to resist.


The gauge is given as 7 sts to an inch and 9 rows to an inch using a 3.0 mm needle which is right between a US 2 and a US 3 needle.

I couldn’t find any information about the original pattern’s yarn: Chadwick’s Red Heart Shetland Floss.  On Ravelry it was stated as a 4-ply fingering weight, but I’m not 100% that that information is correct.

For my personal knitting, 7 sts per inch would be a sport weight yarn using a size 3 or 4.  But perhaps this jacket is supposed to be quite dense…. which I could see using a sport weight yarn with the smaller sized knitting needle.

Either way, you have the freedom to select your yarn and needle size to get a gauge of 7 sts per inch.


This pattern is quite detailed about the sizes of the jacket when blocked, which is refreshing to see.

The jacket is drafted for a size 16, which seems to match a 34″ bust.  And the blocking circumference at the underarm is 33.5″ which makes the case for 1 to 1/2  inch of negative ease.  (Don’t forget you have to remove 4 sts total to allow for seaming-which is why I have a range of negative ease).

Doing some maths really quick…  The circumference at the waist hem is 23″ which doesn’t include that little bit at the center (or I really hope not!!) heh  *Whew* I read further on and the 23″ waist does NOT include the front belt.  The belt is 5.5 inches long which means that the full circumference of the waist is 28″ (give or take with some seaming).

Well… that’s all I have to say about the pattern.  I hope you gals like it.

Lastly, I wanted to give you an update on my knitted Floral Jumper.

I decided that I’m going to forge ahead with the same yarn I had been using, the cascade heritage, instead of starting over with a new cotton yarn.  Since I’ve never worked with cotton (or cotton blends) I thought it would be too much of a gamble to start with such a complicated project.  So instead, I’ll have to plan a cardigan or something to wear over top of the jumper to layer while at the office.  I’ll still get some normal wear out of it when the weather is in the 70’s by wearing it on its own.

I’ve officially finished the first section of the motif and have started in on the second row of flowers.

It’s not the best intarsia/stranded work out there, but being my first project I think it’s ‘okay’ so far.  There’s a few sections of the flowers where I’ve not wrapped the yarns quite right and other sections where I’ve over wrapped the yarns.  And I’m still having tension issues, yet I continue to pull my work to ensure my wraps aren’t too tight.  *hmph*

I came across another helpful intarsia link that other newbies may benefit from: Advanced Intarsia Tips by The Natty Knitter.

Natty Knitter talks about my over-wrapping of the yarn and not needing to wrap when you’re doing left-leaning color work.  This is just what I needed to further improve the look of the white floral motifs.

Okay… enough about my project.

Hope you all have a lovely mother’s day weekend with your moms, grandmothers, children, and godmothers.  My mom and I are heading out to the flea market ourselves to start the Sunday  morning off right.  :)

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