Running a 5k

Hey guys, I’m baaack!  :)  I have been doing quite a bit of napping and knitting over the weekend instead of going through photos of my recent travels so today’s post is all about what I did on Sunday:  Run a 5k race.

I’ve been doing the couch to 5k program for quite a while now (about 2 months) and it has been really great.  At every new week I kept thinking to myself “I can’t run that long!”  but somehow I always manage to do it with Felix right by my side.

I didn’t run for about a week while I was out-of-town and I ran once when I got home which was a pretty sad effort, to say the least.  I was determined to run for a full 3 miles, which I did, but I stopped nearly once every 1/2 or 3/4 miles to catch my breath.  This was the only time I had to run before the actual race on Sunday.

Going into the race I was feeling a bit nervous and ill prepared, but I have to say running with a buddy like Meg kept me going nearly the entire time (not to mention the 40,000 other people who were running it with us).

I am happy to report I only walked twice; once for a long water break and the second while we were going up a hill.

I’m a photo-bombing master!  (Look at that woman on the right *scoffing* at me!  heh)

Truth be told, I wanted to stop and walk the full first mile of the race.  It was so cold out that my thighs felt like giant blocks of ice I was trying to move forward; they never warmed up during the full 5k.  Having someone next to me feeling the same exact way is what kept me going, but I was also willing myself to at least make it to the first water station.

I can continue to complain, but I’m pretty stoked that I was able to run a 5k after being ‘retired’ for at least 10 years from races.  I used to run quite often back in the day but I haven’t run long distances like this in quite a long time.  (Since high school if you must know.)  I’ll say it once last time, the couch to 5k program is great and is totally for couchers to start running.

The race Meg and I ran was called the Hot Chocolate race.

After the race they give you hot chocolate and a chocolate fondue with all sorts of goodies; which is a perfect race I could get behind!

I’m planning on continuing to run with Felix in the mornings.  But the weather is starting to get quite cold in Chicago, I know there’s going to have to be some cut off point where I’m going to have to stop until the Spring.  (Running on treadmills is boring and it seems to hurt my knees and hips more.)  I just love the fact that I’m actually able to run for 30-40 minutes nearly non stop.  At this point, I feel like I can now start to work on my time which feels exciting.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

P.S.  All photos are stolen borrowed from my Felix, feel free to hop on over to his blog if you want to read his write-up of the event.

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  1. gMarie November 5, 2012 — 10:02 AM

    Yea! I’ve participated in a 5k every month this year. So far, I don’t run at all, the one time we did run, I fell and skinned my knees and my friend twisted her ankle, but we walk really fast. Keep it up – you are inspiring me to try running again. g

    1. Liz November 5, 2012 — 12:43 PM

      The fast walkers actually go around the same pace as my jogging. :) Oh dear, sounds like you had a really rough time when you ran. :( Good luck if you try running again!

  2. Congrats on completing the race! If you don’t like treadmills, you might try an elliptical instead. I’m not sure why, but they always felt less boring to me.

    1. Liz November 5, 2012 — 12:40 PM

      Heh I hate elliptical machines even worse than the treadmills. :) I have done the bicycle with some degree of success, so I may be swapping between the two of them this winter.

  3. Lauren November 5, 2012 — 11:31 AM

    Love that picture of you photo-bombing and Meg giggling at you (or is she giggling at that cranky old bat giving you the side-eye?). Haha!

    Congratulations on completing the 5k! I would totally run for fondue, sounds amazing mmm.

    1. Liz November 5, 2012 — 12:44 PM

      Yay! Thanks Lauren. :)

  4. Congratulations on completing the 5k! The photo bomb is great, as is Megs giggle next to you!

  5. Tasha November 5, 2012 — 1:28 PM

    Congrats Liz, I didn’t realize it was coming up that soon! You guys are so cute, more power to you and Meg for running that race!! I’m super impressed. And welcome back!

  6. Great job on your race….I love the hot chocolate at the end with the nifty treat holder. I remember doing a “hypothermic half marathon” once here in the frozen north where they had hot chocolate at the water stations because it was so cold….but we didn’t have anything so cool as your hot chocolate holder!.

  7. Wanett November 5, 2012 — 4:23 PM

    You two are the CUTEST marathon runners evah!! Congratulations on finishing and enjoying your chocolate reward. I hate to run for the bus, so I am truly impressed with you both ;p

  8. Liz November 5, 2012 — 10:22 PM

    Well done on finishing and what a great reward!! I would run more if there was chocolate at the end (although maybe that would defeat my purpose!)

  9. Janice November 6, 2012 — 11:25 AM

    Congrats! Chocolate fondue is a great running motivator, for sure. :)

  10. Terri November 7, 2012 — 9:04 AM

    Is it healthy that they feed the runners so much sugar after a race?

    1. Liz November 11, 2012 — 7:19 PM

      Heh Probably not! But I have heard that long distance runners do drink chocolate milk to keep their energy up.

  11. We did awesome!!! And I am so glad we got chocolate :) It was so fun running with you – we should definitely plan on doing that again sometime!

  12. chris November 11, 2012 — 12:47 PM

    I’ve never run a 5k -but chocolate would be a good incentive to! After seeing your knitted headband, I hopped over to ravelry and got the pattern – very cosy, just put some pics on my blog and linked back to you , thanks :)

    1. Liz November 12, 2012 — 4:27 PM

      Oooh Yay! I’m gonna have to hop on Ravelry to check out your sweet little headband. Wasn’t it such a quick, easy knit?!

  13. Ginger November 13, 2012 — 9:03 PM

    Hot chocolate run?!?! Sign me up! :) Seriously, congrats! And I can’t think of a more fun running buddy than Meg!

  14. Rachel November 16, 2012 — 11:16 PM

    Congratulations! I’m not a runner at all, so i’m seriously impressed by anyone that is!

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