Bias-Knit Sweater Pattern

Hey guys!  I’m going to keep this post short and sweet since I’m on the run to leave for work.

Today’s freebie knitting pattern is from the Woman’s Day publication in 1950 titled:  To Knit and Wear.

Click on the link to download this pattern as a pdf: Bias Knit Sweater.

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If knits weren’t stretchy enough, this is a bias-knit Sweater.  It’s knitted from one side corner all the way up to the opposite shoulder.  Neat huh?  I’d love to knit this just to see how the pattern fully works.

This sweater is knit using a US size 3 knitting needle and a heavy-fingering weight yarn with a gauge of 7.5 stitches per inch.  It has three different sizes: 12,14, and 16 (or 30″, 32″, and 34 ” bust).

I picked out this pattern today because the construction looked interesting along with the lovely styling.  Is it me or could this model pass off as a 50’s Bonnie (from the styling of the 1967’s movie with Faye Dunaway)?  She looks very chic and sassy, don’t you think?

Sorry for the shortness of this post.  You’ll hear more of my ramblings a bit later today as I complain about my current sewing project.  :)

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  1. Jane March 30, 2012 — 10:27 AM

    OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is pretty much exactly the vintage sweater I’ve been looking for. Thanks!!!!!

    Am I right in assuming that size 16 is a 34″ bust? And how much ease do you think is factored in there? I’ve never actually used a vintage knitting pattern….

    1. Hi Jane – I totally agree that this is a fantastic sweater too! I hope Liz doesn’t mind my reply, but yes, a size 16 is a 34″ bust. I’ve knit two 1940’s patterns (so one decade earlier) and found that while one of them had very little ease, the other had more ease than expected. But the one that had little ease was knit with wool, while the one with more ease was knit with cotton – and I think that is the reason for excess ease. If you have a 34″ bust and are proportioned fairly similar to vintage patterns (34″ b, 28″ w), I think this will work. My waist is slightly larger than 28″, but since knits are more forgiving than sewing, I’ve never had a problem.

      I’m putting in a plug for a knit along with this sweater pattern Liz. What do you think? Of all the sweater patterns that you have shared, this is one of my favorites. Also, the construction looks interesting, but not difficult. The style looks like it wouls be appealing on may body types. No pressure, just a suggestion . . .

      1. Liz March 30, 2012 — 11:02 AM

        Thanks Annabelle!

        Hmmm a knit a long, hosted by moi??! It’s a fab idea and I would love to, given there’s enough interest in this pattern. :)

        Anyone else interested in a KAL with this Bias-Knit Sweater?

        1. Jane March 30, 2012 — 11:20 AM

          Ooh, I would definitely be interested in a knitalong (aka, support group), since I can see myself getting stumped going solo. I started an easy cardigan last May and it’s been sitting for six months because I can’t be bothered to learn to seam things. sigh.

        2. YES, please! It’s always more fun to knit a vintage pattern along with others!

    2. Liz March 30, 2012 — 10:58 AM

      YAY! Glad I posted this up for you Jane. :) Yes, the size 16 corresponds to a 34″ bust. Looking at the model I would say that there is a decent amount of ease in this design.
      I’ve been looking at the pattern and the number of stitches and it’s really hard to determine how much ease there is. The knit is worked diagonally, so all the measurements that I grabbed from the stitch count is in the shape of a “V” from one upper-side of the front to the lower-middle to the other upper-side. So I really have no idea what the true measurements of this knit are.

      Anyone else reading know how to do the math on this one?

  2. As you probably know I’ve finished knitting up this pattern and can definitely recommend it – the sweater comes out just like the picture.

    If you’re still interested in hosting a knit-along on this one, drop me a line and I’ll e-mail you my PDF of the pattern (reduced from multiple pages at 4.2Mb down to a version of 566Kb that can be printed out on a single sheet of paper – all parts of the instructions assembled together on one side, cover pic on the other)

  3. Phyllis Borkholder January 12, 2017 — 6:30 PM

    I would definitely be interested in a KAL, BUT I don’t fit into a size 34 bust. I’ve never knit a vintage pattern. I measure 40 in. bust so I usually need to knit a large. Any ideas on how to increase the size of this pattern? Thanks for any help.

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