You Know You’re Sewing Too Much When….

…You run out of pins.

On the table are 4 empty containers of pins; they each hold somewhere around 120 pins.  I have four on the table and another 2 or 3 empty containers in my sewing drawer, which makes for at least 700 pins in my sewing room/dining room stuck in projects.  (Eeeep!)  I ended up having to resort to using my old, short pins since they’re all I have left.

Granted I have a tendency to over-pin my patterns when cutting fabric, but still.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever run out. 

I guess this is either good proof that I’m not being lazy and am working on things or perhaps that I have too many projects that I am currently working on…

What you see on the table (in the image above) is the bow-tie belt for this dress:

I’m making view B, and finished up my muslin on Monday night.  It took me all evening to cut out all of my pattern pieces.  But I do have to say, this is the easiest dress that I’ve made/fit, so far.  Granted, I haven’t actually started sewing it together yet but I did sew the muslin and it went together quite easily and it was even easier to fit.

This pattern is a size 12, or 30″ bust while I’m more of a 33-34″ bust.  All I did was to add a few inches to the side seams from the bodice to the hem of the skirt, and it retained the original look like the pattern cover.  Technically, one is supposed to grade patterns larger/smaller, but with having such a petite upper body like I have, the size 12 still fits me quite nicely at the shoulders and neckline.  So I usually don’t grade my patterns unless they’re much larger than a 34″ bust size. 

Can’t wait to start sewing tonight.  I’m planning on underlining the bodice in a matching navy bemberg lining, but will have the skirt portion be regular lining (not underlining).  Oh, and I’m making my own shoulder pads for this dress, which should be interesting.  :)

Sorry I haven’t posted up much recently, none of my projects are really worth blogging about currently.  But I had to break the radio silence with a little update.

Also I have to ask…. have any of you run out of pins or had something silly happen as a result of too much sewing?

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