WindowPane Cardigan

I know its the middle of summer and no one wants to knit a cardigan right now but bear with me for a sec….

I was recently upgraded to an office at work and it’s right near the computer server room, which means the air conditioning is ALWAYS on.  In my work area, I am always chilly and in need of some warm, cosy cardigans and blankets.  So if you’re like me, and are chilly in your workspace, this cardigan would be perfect!

This cardigan is from the January 1953 edition of Stitchcraft magazine.

Download here: WindowPane Cardigan

?Doesn’t lit look like little window panes all over the cardigan? I realize the picture is in B&W, but I can’t help feeling this would be perfect in grey and white. Originally this was made up in a light turquoise with highlights of gold/yellow. I would have loved to see a color version of this cardi, wouldn’t you?!

The WindowPane Cardigan actually reminds me of the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan Pattern, since they both have that long V-neckline with buttons.

A lot of folks who are on Ravelry are probably familiar with this pattern.  But when I was searching for it, I found that it is no longer available online and will instead be available in a book.  It’s too bad that it’s no longer free, but lucky for you that you can use the WindowPane Cardi pattern now for a close approximation to the Darcy version.  You’d just omit the ‘Window Pane’ design and work the pattern using the stockinette stitch.

Also looking at the gauge on the WindowPane cardigan, it looks like they used a worsted weight wool!  How awesome, right?!  Most of these patterns are always made up using a thin, fingering weight yarn so it’s a nice change to be able to post up a worsted-weight pattern for you all.

Hope you like today’s free knitting pattern, especially all of you who are shivering in your respective offices.

As always, feel free to leave me a comment if there is a particular type of pattern you’d like to see me post.

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