Pointed Rib Twin Set

I thought I’d post up a new, vintage knitting patten today because I feel like it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted up a free vintage knitting pattern for you gals. 

This is the Pointed Rib Twin Set from the January 1953 edition of Stitchcraft.

Pattern pdf download: Pointed Rib Twin Set

In reading the pattern directions all they did to achieve this design was to continue in a rib pattern from the waist, working upwards.  So if you can do ribbing, you can totally knit up this little jumper and cardigan!  :)  I especially like that they mirrored the design on the cardigan sleeves as well as the body, and I’m loving this bright, robin’s-egg blue too. (Although I don’t really care for their color combinations with the blue cardigan and the carmel jumper.)

Post-surgery and I’m still in a lot of pain due to developing a case of dry socket.  I’m seeing the doctor for the third time this week to address this and I hope he can set me right so I can get back to feeling like myself.  I don’t want to complain, but I’m just tired of being in pain and sore.  It’s been a week since I had the surgery and I still can’t eat solid food since due to the fact that I can’t open my mouth up an inch.  I just ready to be done with this so I can knit, sew, eat and watch some Harry Potter.  heh

Is anyone else going to venture out to the movie theatre this weekend to see the latest, and last of the Harry Potter movie series?

As always, if you peeps want me to post up a certain type of knitting pattern, just give me a shout out in the comments letting me know.

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